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Dinner Lady Drinks Eliquid Shortfills

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a refreshing glass of Iced tea, Dinner Lady go one better by bringing us all the flavour in three great new Drinks shortfills!

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On a hot summer day, there is nothing finer than a refreshing drink to cool off in the sun, and there is nothing more refreshing than a frosty cold Iced tea. I come from the home of liptons, one of the biggest names in tea, so I have a personal pride the subject. Sadly, the factory has moved away, but anywhere in the world where the sun shines, you will find their chilled Iced tea drinks stocked in the local shops ready to refresh you and give you that lift! For some reason, they never taste the same when you buy them here, but Dinner Lady have come to the rescue and have release a range of e-liquids that steps in and saves the day (and my tastebuds!).

As ever, the range looks great on the shelf, they have a very distinctive branding that is always very eye catching. I will say that the oversized lids look great, but I had a little bit of trouble getting them open in the first place. But once the seal was cracked, it was all good. There are three flavours in the range, Lemon, Mango and Peach mint, all mixed at 70:30 VG:PG. Each bottle contains 50ml with space for you to add your nic shots.

Dinner Lady Drinks Range three amigos

Mango Iced Tea

I have a bit of a thing for mango juices, they really suit my sweet tooth, but they can be a bit full on and sickly if not done right. No worries here though, this is a very fresh, straight from the tree mango, slightly on the green side and works perfectly for this blend. It is sweet but not overly so and my coils were all the happier for it, no burnt wicks here! The tea is a really lovely flavour, subtle but refreshing and not too astringent as so many tea flavours seem to be. The cherry on the top is the cooling. Again, this is done to perfection, just a light chill rather than an arctic blast. I have to admit, I’m not a great fan to iced flavours as it Is often overdone, but this compliments the blend perfectly.

Dinner Lady Drinks Range Mango Iced Tea

Lemon Iced Tea

This one surprised me a bit. I thought it would be more of a sweet dessert lemon in line with their famous Lemon tart flavour, but it wasn’t. It is sharp and a very authentic, juicy lemon with a nice kick to it. Again, it complements the tea base brilliantly and the cooling really works so well with the tart lemon. It is a great palette cleanser too. I am really glad they didn’t go with the more candied lemon as it really wouldn’t have worked to recreating a jug of lemon tea. Great blend

Dinner Lady Drinks Range Lemon Iced Tea

Peach Mint Iced Tea

The previous two were what I’d class as a safe bet, both are traditional iced tea varieties. But I wasn’t sure when I saw peach and mint together on the label, they didn’t strike me as complimentary flavours. I was wrong! Whilst I really like the whole range, this is the one I really had trouble putting down. The peach is sweet and slightly floral, and the mint is a fairly strong peppermint, the complex interplay between them shouldn’t work but somehow it does. Add this to the already great tea base and the light cooling, this is a real winner. If you like a slightly more complex flavour, this is a corker.

Dinner Lady Drinks Range Peach Mint Iced Tea

Final thoughts

We all know Dinner Lady make great flavours, they already have a few near legendary juice lines, and the drinks range can definitely sit proudly with the best of them. I am a total tea fiend and have always wanted a good tea-based juice, but until now, I hadn’t found one that even came close to being good (well there was one range years ago, but sadly they didn’t last long). This range isn’t just good, it sets the gold standard! These could all easily be an all-day vape for me and that is quite rare for the full range of any juice line to be this consistently good. Now we just have to hope the sun keeps shining a bit more to add to the enjoyment!

If you like the sound of these, you can pick them up directly from Dinner lady for £14.99 a pop. Many thanks to Dinner Lady for sending these in for review!

Dinner Lady Drinks Range full line up

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