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Desserts by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid (pt.1)

If you love a big bowl of pudding as much as we do, you should check out the Dessert range of shortfills from Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid!

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Desserts by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid part 1

We have previously reviewed the Cocktails range and the Fruits range from Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid. This time it is the turn of the Desserts range which is split in to two reviews so this is part one but keep your eyes out as part two will be coming soon.

Personally I love dessert flavoured juices. Well it isn’t just e-liquids, I just love a good pudding so if I can get the same pleasure from a vape that I can get from a nice bowl of dessert, well count me in! It is a very broad category though and I have to point out that some of these flavours aren’t what you might expect to see on your Sunday lunch menu, but that is just me being a bit of a pedant. The important bit is whether they taste good. So far I have not been disappointed by the juice from the Cotton & Cable mixers, so I had high hopes here too.

As with the previous collections, these were sent to me in a beautifully branded presentation box and was an initial feast for the eyes. The desserts boxes are no exception, and they ooze with class. Each collection has its own style whilst also clearly being Cotton & Cable products. I like the continuity and the design; it sets the mood well for what is to come.

As with the previous products, these are all 50ml shortfills with space for your nic shot, and are all 70VG/30PG. I won’t bore you too much by repeating what I have previously covered in the other reviews as the base information is the same across the board, but I would recommend revisiting the other two as a refresher.

Desserts by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid Boxed

Baked Apple

Baked Apple - A scrumptious blend of sweet and juicy apples baked in rich butter perfectly blended with cinnamon and brown sugar.”

Baked Apples are such an underrated pudding. My mum is not the best cook (sorry Mum!), but she makes a fantastic baked apple. I always used to look forward to early autumn and orchard fruit season, coming home from school to the heavenly smell of baking apples filled with mincemeat and topped with brown sugar was the epitome of comfort food. I’ve never quite got the hang of it, I think it is because I am too impatient to wait for them to fully soften all the way through. Why am I telling you all this? Well this juice reminds me of my mum’s baked apples. It is full of flavour and fabulously fruit. The apple is juicy, crisp and has a delicious bite to it, and the cinnamon and brown sugar are also clear and present and are in the perfect ratios to make this the perfect Baked apple e-liquid I find apple juices can be hit or miss, and many taste great for a short while but quickly become bland, not so here. It really is a fantastic, authentic flavour and quickly has become one of my favourite Cotton & Cable juices.

Desserts by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid Baked Apple


Buttermint - A decadent blend of cream and butter infused with mint, an exact likeness to the classic Buttermint sweet.”

Buttermint does exactly what it says in the description. If you love a particular brand of hard candy mints with a soft chewy centre favoured by grandparents everywhere, that is what you are getting here. The mint is sweet and mild and is the perfect balance to the creamy base which lingers long after you have put your mod down. Once again, Cotton & Cable have managed to take me back down memory lane and to visiting older relatives who would always have either Werther’s originals or Murray mints hiding in their handbags. I always preferred the ones who were well stocked with mints but being a kid, I was quite happy just to be getting sweets! Happy days!

Desserts by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid Buttermint

Custard Tart

Custard Tart - A thick, crisp pastry base filled with rich and exquisitely creamy vanilla custard enclosed in caramelised brown sugar.”

There was a time, not that long ago, when custards were everywhere. Plain custard, strawberry custard, bananas and custard, tobacco custard, bacon custard…. well I might have just made the last one up but you get the idea. They seem to have taken a bit more of a back seat recently which is actually a good thing as I can now enjoy the flavour without it being another bloomin’ custard! But it does mean that I have tried a lot of custard flavours over the years. This one holds up well. I must admit I don’t get much of the pasty base, but the actual custard is good. It is creamy and rich without being too thick, and the brown sugar gives it a nice amount of depth of flavour. Added brownie point are also awarded for it being pretty gentle on the coils. If you really want to mix things up, fill half your tank with this and half with Baked apple, they are a match made in heaven. Whilst it doesn’t try to revolutionise the flavour, this is a worthy addition to the line-up and is a nice all day vape.

Desserts by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid Custard Tart

Eton Mess

Eton Mess - Sticky broken meringue smashed with whipped cream, laced with fresh raspberries, ripe strawberries and a hint of tart blackberries.”

I have to admit that Eton Mess always sounds great on paper but never quite lives up to the promise for me, and sadly this is not bucking the trend. It is not a bad flavour, not by a long way, but I just don’t get the full layers of flavour that I would have liked to. The meringue is light and sweet, and the whipped cream is perfect. The base flavours are really good, but the fruit elements just don’t cut through enough to bring it all together. I got a general berry mix, but it was a bit too vague. I would have liked the fruit to contrast the sweetness more. Having said that, there was very popular Eton Mess juice a few years ago that was a big hit amongst Potv members, and this is very similar so I can see a lot of vapers being really happy with this juice. I’m just very picky!

Desserts by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid Eton Mess

Final Thoughts

Flavour for me is one of the best elements of vaping. In the same way that a piece of music can take you back in time, a familiar taste can transport you back in a similar way, and this is the magic of the Desserts range. Maybe that is why I don’t get the same impact from Eton Mess as I do from some of the other flavours, I just don’t have any memories stored away that link to it whereas the first two flavours instantly took me right back to happy times. It certainly makes things interesting from the psychological effects of vaping and why it is so successful in helping people get away from smoking. Good flavour is pretty powerful stuff and thankfully Cotton & Cable have it in abundance.

If you fancy trying out some of these great e-liquids, you can pick them up directly from Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids for £14.99 a bottle and don’t forget you can use the Potv exclusive discount code POTV25 for a very tasty saving

Desserts by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid Full Range

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