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Cyber Rabbit Nic Salts

Those Rabbits have been at it again, doing what they do best...mixing delicious Nic Salt recipes to bring out the Cyber Rabbit range ( what did you think I was going to say?)

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Those pesky wabbits have been breeding again! The new CYBER range are some bad-ass ninja bunnies with 3 all new fruit blends.

£4.50 or conveniently 3 for £12
**With a flavour guarantee! – see below for more info.

I was fortunate enough to test the 10ml Nic Salts which come in 10mg or 20mg strength, the ratio is 50VG/50PG so ideal for most high ohm MTL tanks and pods.

What’s up doc?

I love the theme of the Cyber range, very different and bright, the rabbit face looks proper menacing, though I missed a trick when photographing them as they colour blend into each other (see menu pic), the flavour wasn’t too clear on the label and I had to check the menu to be sure.

Cyber Rabbit Nicotine Salts with Smok Novo

The timing was perfect to test these flavours on the new Smok Novo 4 as it delivers the flavour brilliantly. I swapped the coil for a fresh one each time to ensure I got the true flavour.

You might notice that the flavours sound quite basic but don’t be fooled by the descriptions, the balance of the recipe and the way they have managed to make the fruits pop makes all 3 of these flavours a bit special.


"An incandescent glow of zesty lemons, illuminates a deep and juicy blackcurrant haze."

Though the blend of two flavours should be easy to describe, it wasn’t so simple. The blend was perfectly balanced so that both flavours were so intertwined and neither were dominant which just delivered a delicious fruity refreshing vape that left a juicy aftertaste. At a push, I noticed the lemon more in the inhale and the blackcurrant in the exhale and aftertaste. I simply loved this recipe and it is easily an enjoyable ADV (All Day Vape).

Cyber Rabbit Nicotine Salts Argon


"Matrix of fruits, poised to takeover, juicy peach with a grapefruit citrus backdrop."

The End.

Erm okay I suppose I should elaborate, this flavour just popped, the peach was dominant but the grapefruit element was what made this so zingy and refreshing without being sour. The inhale/exhale was balanced and enjoyable, and the aftertaste was one of the best I’ve tried, almost mouth-watering leaving you wanting more. Another hit and ADV for me.

Cyber Rabbit Nicotine Salts Neon


"Dazzling beam of blueberries against a flickering halo of full bodied pomegranate."

Blueberry isn’t a fruit I usually enjoy so I left this one till last. As it happened, it turns out I do enjoy blueberry, well at least in this blend. The clever combination of the pomegranate subdues it perfectly to leave such a smooth and mild flavour which is refreshing. There’s no doubting that blueberry is dominant throughout the vape, but it’s so nice and not too sweet. I would most definitely re-order this one but it is not quite an ADV.

Cyber Rabbit Nicotine Salts Xenon


Though the Cyber Rabbit range only has three flavours, all of them are a bit special. As daft as it sounds, the artwork sort of suits these flavours as they stand out in looks and flavour.

I love the Rachael Rabbit range because of the amazing blend of flavours, and the Cyber Rabbit are on par but different enough to offer a whole new favourite range for me.

I’m also about to review the Jack Rabbit nic salt range next, oh those rampant rabbits! 

Dispergo’s Juice Exchange

How’s this for an offer? Dispergo have a Satisfaction Guarantee where you can return any eligible juice that you simply don’t like and exchange it for another, the Rachael Rabbit is in this offer, see here for more details:

I won’t rabbit rabbit rabbit yup yup on any more than that.

Cyber Rabbit Nicotine Salts range

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