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Cuttwood Mr. Fritter

Cuttwood prides itself on providing quality made products. Through research, development, rigorous testing and innovation, we are dedicated to providing the best E-Sauce on the market.

Cuttwood are an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in California and probably one of the most widely known juice companies out there. We've been a fan of thier range for a long time so were really excited when they launched the new juice at The Vaper Expo earlier this year.  We tried it at the show but had to wait a while to get our hands on it for review and giveaway.

I vaped the liquid sent for review in an Innokin iSub V E tank that was fitted with a 0.5ohm Stainless Steel Coil.

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Mr. Fritter

The indulgence of a warm fritter featuring the perfect balance of apple and cinnamon infused with our own special blend of other flavours.

Have no doubt this particular flavour is absolutely divine! On the inhale you get a delicious natural tasting apple combined with a hint of cinnamon that reminds you of real American apple pie. Weaved subtlety into the mix is the fritter like taste which is highly convincing.

In my opinion this is a truly sublime E-Liquid that you simply have to try! I must admit I got through the 30ml bottle extremely quickly. I was guilty of one refill after another because I simply could not put it down!

Mr Fritter is mixed to 70VG/30PG so as you can imagine vapour production is really good and it puts out plenty of clouds. I found the throat hit to be mild to medium in strength.


If you like apple fritters, apple pie or just like apple flavours in general then Mr. Fritter is definitely for you!

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Providing you enjoy apple vapes I cannot see any reason why anyone would not enjoy this flavour because it is truly delicious and would make a superb all day vape providing you have the restraint to make a 30ml bottle last all day!

Many thanks to Cuttwood who sent this juice to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.  The team at Sparks ecigs have also given us a bottle of this to give away along with a t-shirt, a build mat and a cap - competition details coming soon!

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