Cotswold Vapour Show me the Honey, Sweet like Chocolate and Strawberry Delight Review by Dan Willis

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Cotswold Vapour Show me the Honey, Sweet like Chocolate and Strawberry Delight

Since Cotswold Vapour launched their first three eliquids back in 2016, their brand has gone from strength to strength and they now offer a large range of different E-Liquids, in both TPD compliant 10ml bottle and shortfill 50ml bottle formats, catering to all tastes!

One of the key reasons behind the success that Cotswold Vapour have enjoyed is that they offer top quality e-liquid at highly competitive prices, and they are able to do so as every part of their business is done in house- from website design, to marketing, right down to sales support.

No expense is spared however when it comes to the ingredients used in their E-Liquids, their entire supply chain is accounted for and only the finest quality ingredients are used. All of their liquids are free of Diacetyl, with flavourings sourced from trusted, world-renowned suppliers, and as a rule of thumb- if the Cotswold Vapour team won't vape it themselves, they won't sell it. Every batch is steeped in house and extensively tested on a range of devices before it is released to market.

As always, the Cotswold Vapour team have been hard at work and they have sent us three of their E-Liquids to review, with Sweet like Chocolate, Strawberry Delight and Show me the Honey featured today. All three are available in zero nicotine nic shot compatible 50ml shortfill bottles, with Strawberry Delight also available in 10ml TPD compliant bottles with nicotine strengths of zero, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. All three liquids are mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio.


Strawberry Delight

An indulgent, whipped strawberry dessert flavoured e-liquid...

Strawberry Angel Delight is an all time classic dessert, and I remember growing up on it as a child. Cotswold Vapour have replicated the taste of this dessert perfectly, it's frighteningly close to the real thing! Even the sugary sweet aftertaste is present and correct, along with the thick mouth feel and creamy strawberry flavour. This is presently Cotswold Vapour's best selling E-Liquid and it's not hard to see why, it's an incredibly tasty e-liquid!

Show me the Honey

Cotswold Blossom Honey flavoured e-liquid...

Now I'm a huge fan of honey, I can eat it on just about anything, or even straight out of the pot with a spoon! I've tried many E-Liquids with honey undertones, but I've never tried a straight honey E-Liquid until now. I had really high hopes for this, especially as it even smells exactly like honey! Cotswold Vapour have totally nailed the taste and texture of honey, making for a sweet and moreish liquid, with very slight floral notes at the end which just adds to the thick honey taste. Incredible stuff, and Cotswold Vapour have smashed it out of the park with this one!

All Day Vape? Absolutely! This E-Liquid is that good, it's one that I've decided I can't be without, and it will be a permanent fixture in my juice rotation from now on!

Sweet Like Chocolate

Deliciously creamy chocolate milk flavoured e-liquid...

I've tried many E-Liquids that are either chocolate flavoured, or contain chocolate flavour notes, but very few of them ever get it right- either tasting too strong and artificial, or too weak and lacking in flavour.


With Sweet Like Chocolate, Cotswold Vapour have got the balance absolutely spot on, and as a result I get an E-Liquid that tastes like a chocolate milkshake should do, right down to the creamy dairy notes. One thing I would say is that as it contains chocolate flavouring it is pretty heavy going on your coils, so my recommendation is to vape it in a rebuildable tank or dripper. You'll get the best out of this liquid by doing so too!


I've got to say that I've been absolutely blown away by these three E-Liquids, they have been mixed to absolute perfection and they taste exactly like their flavour descriptions too. Without a doubt these are my favourite three E-Liquids of 2018 so far, and it would take some going to beat them!

Many thanks to Stu at Cotswold Vapour for sending these E-Liquids in for review, you can purchase them from Cotswold Vapour here!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.