Cotswold Vapour Citrus Punch, The Big Slice and The Custard Doughnut Review by Dan Willis

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Cotswold Vapour Citrus Punch, The Big Slice and The Custard Doughnut

A small artisan juice maker providing hand crafted eliquids from the heart of the Cotswolds, I first came across the Cotswold Vapour line back in March when I was contacted by Stu from Cotswold Vapour and asked if I would like to review their liquids. A quick scan of their website and I happily accepted, I was left really impressed with Golden Flapjack, Super Bowl and Tropical Storm.

Since I first came across them back in March, Cotswold Vapour have gone from strength to strength and have become a very popular Eliquid line on the POTV forum. Recently, they have added three new flavours to the line in the form of Citrus Punch, The Big Slice and The Custard Doughnut, as well as reformulating the three liquids that made up their original line with a couple of small tweaks. 

One thing I really liked about Cotswold Vapour was their commitment to providing quality juice, made from traceable ingredients, bottled and mixed within a sterile environment with the end result being diacetyl free tasty liquids. The Cotswold Vapour line is pre steeped and ready to vape on arrival, mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio with nicotine strengths of zero, 3mg and 6mg, and bottle sizes of 30ml and 100ml available at very reasonable prices and free shipping offered on all UK orders. With all that in mind, let’s have a look at the three new juices from Cotswold Vapour...

Citrus Punch

A refreshingly crisp citrus punch, subtly spiced and satisfyingly sweet, the perfect summer vape...

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What I primarily get from Citrus Punch is a sharp zesty orange flavour, with the orange flavouring reminding me of the one found in Mrs Lord’s Seville Marmalade. This is backed up with a citrus blend of lemon, lime and a small hint of grapefruit, combining for a tasty fruity mix. Citrus Punch is a juice that I found to work really well with a mesh wick in my Nextiny, especially as I find mesh really brings out the best in citrus, and it definitely brought out the best in Citrus Punch!

The Big Slice

Indulgent apple pie with spices and a rich shortcrust pastry, comfort vaping at its finest...

The Big Slice is a big tasty slice of apple pie vaping goodness. Fresh baked apples mix with a thick pastry base, and a touch of cinnamon on the exhale. I like my apple pie vapes served warm, just how I like my apple pie itself to be served, and The Big Slice is an apple pie vape that shines in an RDA north of 40 watts, which is where I feel you really get the best from this juice.

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The Custard Doughnut

Authentic fresh glazed doughnut with a smooth custard filling, the ultimate dessert fusion...

I was, and still am, a huge lover of custard Eliquids. I’ve tried many a custard doughnut upon my custard journey, and The Custard Doughnut from Cotswold Vapour has become a favourite of mine. I feel that two key ingredients are needed to make a quality custard doughnut juice, a creamy vanilla custard and some realistic doughnut flavouring, both are found here with Cotswold Vapour’s offering. The custard is sublime, thick and creamy, and a fresh baked dough flavouring with a hint of glazing rounds off a really tasty juice!


An impressive eliquid line gets even stronger with the addition of Citrus Punch, The Big Slice and The Custard Doughnut, three juices that offer great flavour alongside great value for money as well. The quality of all three of these juices is really exceptional, and Cotswold Vapour are positioning themselves as one of the top UK artisan juice makers out there right now.

I’ve also got to mention the original three liquids that initially made up the Cotswold Vapour range, Super Bowl, Golden Flapjack and Tropical Storm. The Cotswold Vapour guys have reformulated these three juices, just adding a few tweaks to fine tune what were already very good juices. The end result in my opinion is even more flavour from these, with Golden Flapjack a standout for me, especially with even more thick syrup flavour!


The Cotswold Vapour line is available from, with free shipping on all UK orders!  We have a competition to give away not just these three new juices but the whole range - one set to be given away on the forum and one set in the competition which is open to all readers here.  The winner can choose their preferred strength.  Thanks to Stu for offering up this prize!  Cotswold Vapour won this months Vendor of the Month award on the forum - to celebrate they are offering 30% off their range until Sunday 21st August - just use the code VOTM30 to truy out these great juices at a bargain price!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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