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Corvidae by Dispergo

Corvidae shortfills from Dispergo - these juices are well worth raven about!

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Thanks to the team at Dispergo for sending another new range of shortfills to review. If you have read my previous reviews (and quite frankly, if you haven’t, I will be most offended!), I am a huge fan of these wizards of mixing. They seem to be able to produce amazing quality, gourmet lines, banging them out at a ferocious rate and are showing no signs of slowing down. I seriously don’t know how they do it and every new range that comes out leaves me thinking “is this the one where they finally run out of steam?”, but no, they just keep going from strength to strength.

This time round, I am checking out the “Corvidae” range. For those not versed in ornothology, the corvidae are the family of songbirds known for their stout build, harsh voices, plain looks and high levels of intelligence. But I’m not here to give you a lesson in bird watching, this is all about the juice range that they have inspired. It is, however, a great basis for the packaging and design. With their sexy black bottles and striking, gothic monochrome and metallic graphics, these really look top notch. Thankfully the bottles are translucent so you can still see how much juice you have left, or in my case, I can see just how little I have left, which is a bit upsetting!

Corvidae by Dispergo full range


“Orange and Tangerine Trifle with Decadent Custard, Topped with Whipped Cream”

Now after singing the praises of the mix masters, I am starting with the first dispergo juice that isn’t for me. That is not to say that it isn’t a great juice, but it isn’t a flavour profile that works for me personally. The orange is sweet, smooth and juicy and the tangerine gives it a deeper texture. On their own, this would be amazing but then the custard and cream kick in and I’m just not that in to orange cream. I guess it just reminds me of trying to make orange milkshakes when I was little! But putting personal experiences aside, I will try to be objective. This is still a great blend, the custard and whipped cream are wonderfully smooth and actually round off any harshness that you can get with citrus flavours. It is sweet and creamy and strangely addictive. If you like this profile, you will not be disappointed.

Corvidae by Dispergo Jackdaw


“Sweet and Creamy Vanilla Pudding with Authentic Ripe Bananas”

OK we are back on track here. You can’t really go far wrong with vanilla and banana, it is tried and tested and you have to be pretty useless to mess this up. But that strength could easily be a weakness as it makes it harder for it to stand out amongst the many other juices with the same profile. So how have they managed that feat? Quite simple really, it is the quality of their flavours. The banana is very much real fruit and not the foam sweet and the vanilla is so rich and creamy. Think bananas and custard for grown ups! The initial flavour hits hard but is followed up with a depth and smoothness that many juices can only dream of creating. It is sweet, which you would expect, but it never becomes sickly or cloying. It is a very easy juice to vape all day and then some.

Corvidae by Dispergo Magpie


“A Blend of Fresh Wild Raspberries and a Deep, Creamy Yoghurt”

I always start my day with a cup of tea and a yoghurt, it is the only thing I can stomach first thing in the morning, so I consider I know my yoghurt! Sadly most yoghurt juices have left me cold, many seem to rely of cream alone which does not a yoghurt make! There needs to be a tart undertone and a clean smoothness, and this is exactly what is delivered here. The raspberries are delicious, lively and complex. They absolutely dance all over your tastebuds. Once again, the blend is top notch and they seamlessly mix, the zing of the berries evolves in to the tang of the yoghurt and is all smoothed off by the creamy aftertaste. Definitely a winner for yoghurt fans!

Corvidae by Dispergo Raven


“Rich and Smooth Vanilla Ice Cream with Peppermint and Dark Chocolate”

This is a flavour profile which always sounds lush but is very hard to pull off. First a warning though, this is a bit of a coil gunker, not that this should be a surprise as I don’t think I’v ever had a chocolate flavour which hasn’t messed up my build, but I feel it is only fair to point out that this is no exception. I still managed to get two tanks clear before reaching for the cotton so it isn’t as bad as some which have had me rewicking after half a tank. There are also very few chocolate juices that have been that tasty so hats off to this one as it is a chocoholics dream. Again, it is smooth and creamy and has that signature richness that the guys at dispergo really excel at. The mint is in perfect balance, you know it is there but it never threatens to take over and just intertwines perfectly with the chocolate. It also brings a sweetness to counterbalance the dark chocolate notes. Whilst this is described as an ice-cream, they have avoided the cheap trick of adding a cooling effect and have relied of the quality of the recipe to bring the flavour without gimmicks, a huge relief as i really don’t like koolada!

Corvidae by Dispergo Rook

Final thoughts

So there you go, another killer range from the team at Dispergo. I am actually slightly relieved they have finally made a juice that doesn’t fit with my usual preferences as I was beginning to think they had somehow found a way of tapping in to my subconscious and were stealing my thoughts whilst I slept! But it has also shown that even with flavours that I personally wouldn’t choose, their understanding of the science of taste and flavour compatibility is second to none. They also offer exceptional value for money with 50ml shortfills for £13.99, you are getting truly outstanding gourmet quality eliquid at an everyday price.

Many thanks to Dispergo for indulging my tastebuds once again!

Corvidae by Dispergo Gothic

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