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Cherry on Top by Six Licks Shortfill

We take a look at the latest juice from Six Licks, we are hoping it will be all that with a Cherry on Top!

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Everyone who knows me, knows of my quest to find the ultimate cherry e-liquid. When I first started vaping, way back in 2011, I bought two flavours, menthol and cherry, and I knew from that moment that vaping was for me and that I wasn’t interested in tobacco flavours. From the first puff on my basic starter kit, I could see the massive potential in e-cigs as a way to break free from the vice like grip smoking conventional cigarettes had me trapped in. The biggest attraction was the flavours, so many flavours to try, and over the last ten years, I have been lucky enough to try some of the very best juices around. But apart from that original bottle of generic cherry e-liquid, I have really struggled to find another one that could come close, and I have been on a mission ever since to find other good ones. There have been a few that have come close, but most have been huge disappointments, ranging from the bland to the unvapable and just about everything in-between. The worst offenders have tasted like that stuff you paint on your fingernails to discourage biting, nasty chemical concoctions that bear no resemblance to the rich, sweet, juicy berries which I love so much.

So when E-liquids.com sent me the offer to try the latest juice from Six Licks, called Cherry on Top, I jumped straight on it. I know from trying other juices in their range, that Six Licks know what they are doing when it comes to their fruit mixes, so my level of anticipation was set pretty high. A few days later, my bottle arrived and I popped off the lid, took a sniff and that was when I started to get really excited. Could this be the one, the cherry to beat all cherries?

I was sent 100ml, so I had plenty to mess around with and was able to try it in a few different kits. It is 70vg/30pg and e-liquids.com suggest it is better for sub-ohming or direct to lung vaping and I have to agree. Whilst it tasted good in all the configurations that I tried, it really did pop with a nice mesh coil and a bit of power under the hood.

I won’t bore you too much with the packaging, after all you all know what an e-liquid bottle looks like. But the branding is clear and eye catching, the black bottles look smart and they are on the firmer side of the squeezy scale. The labels also proudly display the awards Six Licks have one for their juices, very well deserved they are too.

Cherry on Top by Six Licks with extra cherries

Cherry on Top

“Cherry On Top Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks is a tantalising flavour that begins with a combination of Raspberry and Pear, followed by a massive hit of rich Cherry. An exciting all-day vape for people serious about big flavour.”

As you can see from the description, there is more going on here than just cherry and this is a good move. A few years back, I was chatting with a very well-respected legend of the UK e-liquid scene, and he gave me an interesting education in the science of flavour blending. Now I am not going to give away any trade secrets, I’m taking those to the grave, but basically a good cherry relies on the other flavours in the recipe, some of which were a real eye opener. So it is no surprise that Six Licks have combined pear and raspberry in Cherry on Top. These both come through on the initial hit, sweet and flavourful, and I think the pear is the key component here. It is smooth and somewhat subtle but works as the perfect segway to the exhale and all that cherry goodness. You can almost taste them transitioning from one flavour to the other and before you know it, your mouth is full of sweet, full bodied, syrupy cherries. I wouldn’t say it is a fresh cherry, more of a richer glace cherry or even the sticky juice you get when you use a tub of cherries to bake a cake. I’m not complaining here as I’m one of those weirdos that will lick every last bit of the syrup from the container, but it is the closest thing I can use to describe the flavour.

As mentioned above, this is a juice that really likes a bit of power, and a good sub-ohm set up really brings out the best this juice has to offer. Everything gets turned up to 11 and it has flavour for days. It still works well in a more day to day set up though, but I would recommend cracking up your best cloud chasing kit for this one.

Cherry on Top by Six Licks pop your cherry

Final Thoughts

So after all these years, have I finally come to the end of the legendary cherry juice hunt? Hmmm that is a tricky one. It is up there with the best, that one is easy, but I also won’t stop trying others as there will always be new twists and turns to try. But for now, Cherry on Top is a very strong contender for the crown and I feel I am the closest I have come to what I am looking for. If, like me, you love cherry but have yet to find the one, grab yourself a bottle and give it a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

If you do decide to give Cherry on Top from Six Licks a try, you can pick it up from E-liquids.com. 50ml is £12.99 and 100ml is £18.99. They also offer free shipping if you spend over £20 and they stock some absolutely fantastic juices so I would definitely suggest having a look around to see what else tickles your fancy.

Cherry on Top by Six Licks with Aspire Mixx

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