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BLNDR Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping

Dispergo Vaping prove that they are smooth movers with their latest creations. We check out the BLNDR range of shortfills

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BLNDR by Dispergo Vaping BLNDR Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping


Dispergo Vaping are on a roll at the moment, it is almost hard to keep up with so much great stuff coming from the genius minds of these master mixing wizards. When they aren’t adding to their existing favourites, they are cunningly crafting new and exciting lines, and I am looking at one of them today. The range in question this time is BLNDR, but is it a blinder or a blunder?


Dispergo Vaping have stuck with what, in my opinion, they do best and have mixed another range of fruity delights but this time they have a smoothie twist. So far there are four flavours to choose from, but time will tell if they add to this core selection. Each bottle contains two main flavours which sounds simple but that is where careful blending really comes in as anyone can stick two flavours in a mix, but only real mixologists can combine them to make something interesting.


Presentation wise, these feature whichever fruits you can expect to taste mixed with a creamy smoothie swirl, it really does a great job of graphically representing the contents. As always, everything is clean and clear with all the information neatly laid out. The only thing missing, and this seems to be a bit of a trend, is the PG/VG ratio, but a quick look online shows that they are 70VG/30PG before you add your nicshots.


BLNDR by Dispergo Vaping Black&Berry and Rasp&Cran




“BLNDR’s Rasp&Cran is a scrumptiously creamy, smoothie base, blitzed together with tangy, fresh raspberries and juicy, sweet cranberries”


This was an interesting start. It smells quite floral when you first crack open the bottle which worried me a bit as I really don’t like that perfumed taste you sometimes get, but luckily for me, this doesn’t come through when you vape it. What you do get is a surprisingly dry and tart flavour which leans more to the cranberry initially with the raspberry following up. This is clever as it lightens the dryness and teases you with a sweeter follow up on to your next vape. The smoothie base pulls things together well, just there to gel everything together without becoming sickly or too thick. Some smoothie blends can be too heavy when it comes to that all important mouth feel, but this stays just on the right side.



"BLNDR’s Peach&Apricot is a refreshing smoothie base, blitzed with ripe, juicy peaches and sweet, tangy apricots"

This one is a little less challenging and is extremely easy to vape. Peaches and cream is always going to be a winner, but adding a bit of apricot adds to the depth and gives things a bit of a shake-up. Again, the peach comes through initially with a sweet and syrupy first taste which is followed up by the slightly tangier apricot. Whilst they are very similar in profile, they are different enough for you to be able to tell them apart. Peaches are made for smoothies, so this really lends itself well to the base. Unless you don’t like these fruits, there really is nothing not to like here.





“BLNDR’s Coco&Pine is a tropical blend of creamy coconut and fresh, tangy pineapple, blitzed with a silky smoothie base”


Now we really are talking my language, both coconut and pineapple are up there with the best when it comes to my list of favourite flavours, so it was always going to be a no brainer. I was surprised by the mellow lilt of the pineapple as it can be quite overpowering. In this case, I would say the coconut takes the lead mixed with the smoothie base, and then the pineapple livens things up with a zing. It is a cracking vape and is my favourite of the four.




“BLNDR’s Black&Berry is a berrylicious smoothie blend, consisting of the finest berries. Rich blackcurrants, tangy raspberries & sweet blueberries”


Another classic smoothie mix, but this is possibly the most complex of the bunch. It is a superb mix of the various berries, all of which come through clean and clear individually, but they also combine into a powerhouse of flavour. It is dark, rich, and super smooth. I particularly like the strange depth that the blueberry brings to the party, it seems to bring out the best of the blackcurrants and raspberries whilst creating an easy transition to the smoothie base. This is definitely Dispergo Vaping flexing their creative muscles and showing their mastery of their art.


BLNDR by Dispergo Vaping Peach&Apricot and Coco&Pine


Final thoughts


Dispergo Vaping have smashed it again with the BLNDR range, if you like creamy and smooth fruit flavours, you are spoilt for choice here. I do have one reservation though; you will find yourself needing to change your wicks quite often or keep a close eye on your coils as I did find I was needing to change out my cotton a little more than I would have liked. This is common with creamy flavours, so it isn’t really a moan as such, but I still think it is worth putting out there. I also had fun tweaking the wattage as I found this had the power to really mix things up, warmer brought out different elements compared to a cooler vape. I like that, it is always fun to fully customise your vape, so you may want to have a bit of a play around with your settings if you decide to give the BLNDR range a try.


You can buy the BLNDR range direct from Dispergo Vaping for £14.99 for 100ml, or you can treat yourself as they are part of the 2 for £25 deal. As always, they are covered by the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee so if you buy them and find they aren’t for you for any reason, you can contact them to swap them out for something else.


BLNDR by Dispergo Vaping carefully balanced

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