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Black Sun by Digbys Juices

Do you love fantastic e-liquid at a crazy bargain price? Look no further than Black Sun by Digbys Juices!

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I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Digbys Juices. Over the years, they have built up a really solid collection of unique and interesting flavours and have become a firm fan favourite e-liquid company on the UK vaping scene. Back in the day, The King, Hooligan, and Dr Jekyll were all regulars in my juice box, and Digbys were one of the only brands my other half vaped when he was one of us. Over the years, many juice makers have come and many have gone, but Digbys thankfully have weathered all the crazy times and seem to be going from strength to strength.

In a bold move, Digbys Juices now look to be shaking up the eliquid world by releasing a budget line, making vaping premium quality juices even more attractive to the more money conscious among us. With inflation at a high, and heating, fuel, and food bills going up left, right, and centre, this is very welcome. If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying Digbys Juices wonderful e-liquids, there really hasn’t been a better time to jump in.

Black Sun by Digbys Juices with pod kit

Black Sun

“Lip-smacking blackcurrant & finely balanced anise served chilled. The first in our new £5.00 range, top-notch juice at crazy prices”

Out now, the first flavour release is Black Sun, although being a bit of a 90s kid, I keep wanting to call it Black Hole Sun. Not that I’m complaining as I love that song, so if I can vape and get an awesome earworm, well that’s a win/win in my books. The graphics on the label are fairly simple but are clean and clear with all the info that you’d expect to see. Whilst being the budget line, nothing about the presentation looks cheap, just a bit more stripped down than the regular branding. My only slight complaint is that the actual bottle is quite a hard plastic, so you have to find the sweet spot when squeezing, but this is hardly a major problem, I’m just not a fan of these types of bottles.

Black Sun comes in 50ml bottles with space for your nic shot and is 60VG/40PG which means it should be suitable for most tanks and pods. I tested it in a few different set ups, and it worked really well no matter what kit I used.

Black Sun by Digbys Juices with mod

Now you may be thinking “blackcurrant, anise, and chilled…that’s nothing new”, and you’d be right. There are plenty of juices that have that sort of profile, but not all e-liquids are created equally. For a start, I have paid a lot more for similar flavours only to be disappointed by the lack of finesse. As I’ve said before in my reviews, anyone can whack some flavours together and come up with something vapable, but it takes skill and craftsmanship to make something exceptional. And that is where this juice really shines. For a start, when you first crack open the bottle, you get a seriously fruity aroma rather than instant sinus cleaning which is often what happens with this sort of profile. Things only get better when you vape it, the blackcurrant really is superb, rich, dark, and bursting with flavour. This is combined with a strong yet smooth anise, so fresh and clean. It also has a lovely sweetness which is very welcome as I often find these kinds of flavours can have a slightly bitter underlying note. Finally, the cooling effect is quite pronounced, but in this mix, it is just the right level and leaves everything feeling clean setting things up nicely for the next vape.

I’d just like to end things up with some of the more practical considerations of vaping any of these flavours. Firstly, you should find it is easy on your wicks. I went through quite a few tank refills and didn’t need to change things out for quite a while. Where I was a bit warier was when I switched to a different flavour. All of these flavours can be a pain to get rid of when you are done and want to swap things about, so I was really surprised that after giving my tank a quick wash with warm water, there was very little crossing over which was a relief as I went to a custard so would have noticed if it was tainted. I wanted to do a real-world test too, so I didn’t deep clean things, it really was a quick rinse. If I really tried, I could just about pick up the slightest hint of anise, but it was really very subtle, and I also got my other half to see if he could taste it (he has normal tastebuds, not super sensitive ones like I have) and he couldn’t taste anything that shouldn’t be there. This is very impressive and hopefully will give peace of mind if you are concerned.

The final killer blow here is the price. You can pick up a bottle of Black Sun for an unbelievably cheap £5 a bottle. I’ve vaped plenty of cheap juice before, and trust me, you can always tell that they are do the job but not much more. But this is in a different league altogether. This really is a premium e-liquid, and quite honestly, I struggle to get my head around the idea that you can get such a great juice for just a fiver!

Thanks to Digbys Juices for sending this in for review. If this is just the start, I can’t wait to see where they take things from here!

Black Sun by Digbys Juices Black hole sun

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