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Bird King Shortfill Range

I am the Bird King, I can do anything...oh wait, that was Jim Morrison and he was waffling on about lizards! I guess I should stick to reviewing the superb Bird King shortfill range from My Vape Store and leave the poetics to Jim!

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Spring may have been temporarily on hold here in the UK this week but it hasn’t stopped the wildlife beginning to return, and out and about the trees are coming in to blossom, the bees are waking up and have been buzzing around, the skies are full of birds of all different types making the most of the feast of fresh insects after the winter. Most noticeable have been the crows up in my local park, stamping around to lure the worms out of their hiding places. It is all rather timely as I have been looking at a range of subohm shortfills called Bird King. These are a My Vape Store exclusive so if you like the sound of these, pop over to their site and treat yourself to some rather tasty juices!

There are five flavours to choose from and if you have a sweet tooth, you will find much to like here. They are all 100ml shortfills which have space for two nic shots (although you need to buy them separately). The design of the branding is very bold, with a rather sinister crow staring out. They have all the usually info printed on the labels but what I really like is that they also say what each flavour is rather than having to check the website description. To be fair, you won’t need to be told as there is no mistaking the flavours but it is still nice to know rather than just hiding behind the rather amusing but ambiguous names. A shortfill cap opener is a must here, the caps are on very securely. The plastic bottles are slightly transparent plastic which look great but it is a little hard to see how much juice you have left.

They are all 70% VG/30% PG, although one felt thicker than the others, and these are most definitely juices for the subohm vapers. I tried them in my mouth to lung set up and they tasted good, but they really came to life with a decent mesh coil and a bit of power behind it. My Vaporesso Luxe PM40 with a GTX coil really worked exceptionally well here.

Bird King Shortfill range home to roost


“Seeed makes the birds go mad... A massive tasting Strawberry, Melon & Mangosteen”

Obviously I know what strawberries and melons taste like, but I have never had the pleasure of tasting a mangosteen so I can’t comment on how authentic that part is, but from what I have read they are similar to lychees, bananas, pineapples, peaches, strawberries and just about every fruit apart from mango…thanks google, that was helpful! So I am going to have to just rely on what I get from this juice. What I tasted was a subtle, earthy strawberry, more of a wild strawberry rather than a Wimbledon special. The melon is a bit stronger and delivers a mouth-watering sweetness and juiciness. Finally there is the mystery flavour, slightly floral but in a calm way that balances perfectly with the melon. I’d say it is close to a lychee type taste, delicate but full of flavour at the same time. It is a very juicy flavour and is deliciously refreshing. Get out in the sunshine, fill up a tank of Seeed and you will have a good day.

Bird King Shortfill range Seeed


“They say it's lucky, They're so right. This is a fine union of luxurious Caramel and rich Vanilla.”

I love the name of this, Splat is such a great word! Somehow it also really suits this juice but not in a bad way. It is not a complicated flavour profile and you get what it says on the bottle, a deep, rich caramel perfectly enhanced with a healthy dose of creamy vanilla. But whilst it is a straightforward flavour, it is a masterclass in balance and blending. Neither flavour gets lost and they both work together in perfect harmony providing a vape that is full of depth. This is about as good as a caramel juice gets, and I love a good caramel flavour.

Bird King Shortfill range Splat


“A pecking great juice, A refined blend of juicy Watermelon, Elderflower and a dash of Lime”

Peck took me by surprise. I love watermelon and elderflower but they can both be a little light and I was a little concerned that they wouldn’t be bold enough to carry this off. But I needn’t have worried as they both are strong enough in the mix to stand their ground. They are both clean, sweet and fragrant. But the real winner is the killer lime which is so tart and fresh. It is the best lime I have ever tasted, it cuts like a knife whilst avoiding being dry or artificial. Again the balance is spot on and somehow the intensity of the lime doesn’t detract from the delicate flavours of the watermelon and elderflower. I love this combination, it really keeps the tastebuds on their a game.

Bird King Shortfill range Peck


“Swoop down on the royal medley of Pineapple and Tropical Coconut with a twist of fresh Lime”

Oh wow! Whilst I have really enjoyed the whole range, Swoop is on another level for me, it is a stunner. I do love tropical juices anyway so it already had an advantage. Both coconut and pineapple can be tricky buggers though. Often pineapple can be quite harsh and can hit your throat in a big way, and many coconut juices can be over thick or sweet which quickly becomes very unpleasant, but these are both perfection. The pineapple is smooth and so juicy, no killer throat kick here. The coconut is fresh and just perfect, proper desert island stuff. Finally there is that lime again, oh that lime! If it was just pineapple and coconut, it would still be amazing, but the lime just cuts in and adds the perfect counterbalance to the sweetness. It is so tart, so fresh! This is a magical blend which I don’t think I could ever get bored with.

Bird King Shortfill range Swoop


“Get your beak round this and get flapping! A super ripe Strawberry and Blue Raspberry flavour Juice”

As I said in my introduction, one of the juices seemed thicker than the others and this is it. I think it must be something to do with the blue raspberry as I have struggled in the past with other juices with that flavour. It was an absolute no go in my regular tank but once I’d moved on to my Vaporesso, it came into it’s own. It is a very good balance of fresh strawberry and blue raspberry, both sharing equal billing. It isn’t one I would go back to, but that is more out of personal preference as I’m not a huge fan of blue raspberry, I just prefer a more natural berry flavour, but that is why we always say that taste is subjective! So if you like blue raspberry juices, I am sure you will be very happy with Floop as it does exactly what it should. 

Bird King Shortfill range Floop

Final thoughts

Bird King is a killer collection with some great traditional flavours and a few superbly inventive mixes, and I think anyone who likes sweeter flavours with some masterful blending will find a lot to love here. There are a few bottles that will become regular juices in my collection. As a juice reviewer, I am very lucky to get to try many different e-liquids and it isn’t often I feel the need to stock up as I don’t really get the time to stick with favourites, but I’m not sure I could go without a bottle of Swoop and Peck on standby. The other three flavours still set the bar very high too so if they tick your boxes, pop over to My Vape Store and pick up a couple of bottles. Individually they are £17.99, but they are running a promotion at the moment so you can get 2 for £30.

Bird King Shortfill full range

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