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Berried Alive by Six Licks

Six Licks have a new juice out and it is super fresh! Launched today, I got the chance to try a preview bottle of Berried Alive early courtesy of E-Liquids.com, and I can tell you, it’s a good’un!

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Six Licks have a new juice out and it is super fresh! Launched today, I got the chance to try a preview bottle of Berried Alive early courtesy of E-Liquids.com, and I can tell you, it’s a good’un!

Six Licks are one of the fastest growing UK E-liquid makers and they have made quite the impact. They already have nine prestigious awards under their belt in just the space of a year which is pretty impressive, and now I’ve tried their latest juice, I can certainly see why. So far, they have nine carefully blended juices to their name including their latest one, Berried alive. Their aim is to make juices that are “clean, simple and designed for everybody”, personally I they have hit the mark perfectly, although I might disagree on the “simple” bit as this is more complex than you might think on first impressions.

Berried alive by Six Licks double trouble

The Packaging

I was sent the 100ml bottles, but they are also available in 50ml. It is a 70/30 VG/PG mix so should suit most vaping styles. I am more of a mouth to lung flavour chaser these days and it suited my regular build very well, but lovers of clouds will also be very happy here too. As you would expect, the labels have all the required warnings and also have more a more detailed than most ingredients list. The dark plastic bottle is a bit tricky to see through, but it suits the eye catching label design which should definitely stand out nicely on your juice shelf.

But whilst the packaging is attractive, you haven’t come here to listen to me waffle about label design, so let’s get on to the good stuff…the flavour!

Berried alive by Six Licks bottle

The Flavour

Alive with the freshest flavours we’ve created so far! One hit and your taste buds will be deep in a lush combo of strawberries, watermelon and exotic guava.

I love fruity flavours, so my mouth was already watering when I read the flavour profile, this was potentially right up my street. Strawberry always goes well with watermelon, and the addition of guava definitely sounded like an interesting twist. On cracking open the bottle, I was immediately hit with a healthy dose of watermelon but with the other fruits creeping just underneath, it smells lush so I couldn’t wait to dive in. Fresh coil built and wicked, I primed things up and sat twiddling my thumbs waiting for everything to settle as I never like to rush my first taste. But after a few minutes, I couldn’t wait any longer and took my first puff.

Initially, the watermelon was the strongest flavour, not altogether surprising as that was the first smell too, but I was surprised how strong it was seeing as watermelon can be quite a subtle flavour. But almost straight away the strawberry followed up, sweet and almost syrupy but not artificial at all. It was almost like a very good quality homemade jam type strawberry. Holding things together and blending the stronger flavours was the delicate guava giving it an exotic twist. Letting guava work as a mixing flavour is inspired, it really compliments both the strawberry and the watermelon, bringing them together and working to both of the other flavours’ strengths. It seemed to almost pop with flavour, each time bringing out different nuances in the blend.

Now if that was it, I would have been more than happy, but there is more to this juice than first meets the eye. It is what I class as a chameleon juice, it seems to change with each puff. Sometimes the strawberry was stronger, sometimes the watermelon. It changes as you go through a tank load. Not only that, but it is really influenced by different vaping temperatures and set ups. After dinner, it tasted completely different to how it tasted first thing in the morning. Out and about, the watermelon seemed stronger but sat at home with a cup of tea seemed to bring out the strawberry. The guava was pretty constant, just sitting back being mellow but never less important to the overall blend. But one thing that never changes is the sheer amount of flavour, every puff is a different taste sensation.

Berried alive by Six Licks double feature

Final thoughts

As you can tell, I am really impressed by Six Licks Berried Alive, it is full of flavour and makes for a fun and satisfying vape any time of the day. Surprisingly for a sweeter juice, my coils lasted well and believe me, I have been absolutely hammering this stuff all weekend. Normally I like to chop and change, I rarely vape more than one tank of the same juice if I can help it, but I’m still happily going even though my review is finished now. From me, that is about as high a praise as I can give. Not only is this a wonderful all day vape, I reckon it is easy all week vape and I still wouldn’t be bored.

If you like the sound of this fantastic juice, you can pick up a bottle from E-Liquids.com. 50ml is £12.99, but I’d just go big and go for the 100ml for £18.99. But you don’t have to take my word on how good this juice is because while stocks last, you can pick up a 10ml sample bottle completely free, but I wouldn’t hang around as this is a limited offer and I can’t see it taking long before stock runs out.

Many thanks to E-Liquids.com for sending this in for review. I can’t wait to try some of the other flavours in the range!

Berried alive by Six Licks super sized

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