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Base Zero by Manabush Part 2

We finish off our round up of the Base Zero range of every day e-liquids from Manabush

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We are back with the long awaited second part of our review of the Base Zero e-liquid range from Manabush. If you missed part 1, you might want to check it out too as it will cover the basics and that way, I can crack on without sounding like a broken record. But if you really want to just stick with me here instead, all you need to know is that the Base Zero range has been crafted to be an all-day vaping sort of juice selection, tasty to vape and easy on the pocket. As we are hitting a huge cost of living crisis, any extra help is always going to be welcome so there has never been a better time to check this range out if you haven’t already tried it.

There are two options, depending on your personal vaping preferences. There is a 50ml shortfill option if you like 3mg, or there is a 30ml version which is perfect for mixing up to 6mg. The latter is my personal preference, you get 20ml of 0mg flavour boosted e-liquid to which you simply add a single nicshot (available separately). Combine this with the easy fill bottles, this really is 6mg perfection. Both options are 60VG/40PG, but your final mix will depend on which variety of nicshot base you go for. If you like things a little cloudier, then go for VG, but if you like a bit more throat hit and flavour, you will prefer PG. You really can tailor the vape to what hits your personal sweet spot.

Base Zero from Manabush pt2 range

Base Zero 01 - Grape+

Grape+ - This simple sounding flavour is a rich deep and unsweetened red type grape - originally designed at the request of customers to our shop in Nottingham”

Grape+ is a classic, heady grape, similar to a purple juice variety of flavour. Initially it seems like a very traditional grape juice flavour, but there is hidden depth, there is more going on here than you might think on first impressions. Underneath the main flavour, you can pick up hints of different varieties of the fruit, from the sweet and juicy ones to the dryer, more astringent ones. I think if you enjoy a decent bottle of red wine, you will really appreciate the subtle intricacies. On the other hand, if you just want a decent grape e-liquid, you should find that this hits the spot nicely.

Base Zero from Manabush pt2 Grape+

Base Zero 02 – Traditional Cola

Traditional Cola - A straight Traditional Cola Flavour E-liquid, UK Manufactured. (this is the flavour of Kola Beans NOT syrup! - think Cola in a posh bottle - not a can!)”

If you have read my reviews of the Cola Divergent range or the Diablo Divergent range, you will already know how highly I rate Manabush’s take on the flavour, and the Base Zero flavour is where it all started, the grandaddy of them all. Traditional Cola is, in my opinion, the benchmark that all Cola e-liquids are judged by, and most others come up seriously short. I guess it really shows the difference between cans of branded fizzy pop and proper craft cola which have a rich and complex flavour, very different from its commercial pretenders. If, like me, you prefer a bottle of Fentimans to a can of sugar, you will be very happy with this. The icing on the cake is the coil life, this is pretty much the only cola flavour that won’t kill your coils, it is as clean as it is tasty.

Base Zero from Manabush pt2 Traditional Cola

Base Zero 3 – Tropical Mimosa

Tropical Mimosa - We take the traditional morning Mimosa cocktail of orange juice and champagne and add a bit of dreamy sunshine with tropical Mango, Coconut and Lychee.”

Being a non-drinker, this one is a bit out of my comfort zone so I can only judge it on its own merit. Even when I did enjoy a tipple, I can’t say I ever had a mimosa, but I kind of wish I had as it sounds lush. I have enjoyed the odd glass of bubbly though and I definitely remember what that tastes like, especially after having my memory jogged whilst testing this. It leans more to a drier champagne which is nicely balanced out with a sweet cocktail of tropical flavours. The coconut was the biggest surprise as the creaminess works really well with the fizz, not something that I would have expected. This is a tropical e-liquid with an unusual twist, something that Manabush always excel at.

Base Zero from Manabush pt2 Tropical Mimosa

Base Zero 4 – Nut Custard

Nut Custard - Rich creamy custard mixed with a swirl of peanut butter and overlayed with nuts. A new twist on a familiar flavour.”

I am a massive fan of nutty flavours and wish there were more options around, so I was very excited to try this one. The custard base is, as you would expect, a solid start, creamy and moreish. But there is more, and that is where the nutty edge comes in. In some ways, the smoothness actually holds back the nutty notes, you can tell this is more than just a custard, but the definition of the nuttiness could come through a little more. But then I guess it would lose some of the custard notes. It may sound like I am not so impressed, but this was also the first bottle I finished, it is just too easy to vape!

Base Zero from Manabush pt2 Nut Custard

Base Zero 5 – Banoffee Custard

Banoffee Custard - The legendary mix of Toffee and Banana swirled into a rich creamy custard and sprinkled with Nuts ... Calorie Free!”

I must admit that I really don’t like Banoffee Pie, it is too sweet for me, which is odd seeing as I have a massive sweet tooth. So, I really wasn’t looking forward to this one as much as the rest of the range. But I was in for a lovely surprise as this one is so perfectly balanced. It shares a lot with the Nut Custard, but with the added banana. Where this works for me is that the banana is strong but not overpowering. If you like a stronger, more in your face banana, then you may prefer the Dairy Divergent Skull Island Mess as that one is a bit bolder and sweeter, but if you find a lot of banana flavours just a little too overpowering, maybe give this a try. It is always great to have options!

Base Zero from Manabush pt2 Banoffee Custard

Base Zero 6 – Gin Jack

Gin Jack - An unusual and elegant Gin - infused with exotic Jack Fruit and Cactus.”

Manabush just can’t help themselves, they make a range of straightforward, everyday flavours, and then they go and throw in this! It is the very definition of unusual, trust me when I say you will not have tasted anything like this before. For starters, this is not a cheap gin like my old Nan used to drink. This is strongly aimed at the gin aficionados, and with the popularity of gourmet flavoured gins, this e-liquid is sure to make a lot of people very happy. The cactus gives this a light, refreshing twist, almost a cucumber cool, and the jackfruit is the final piece of the puzzle. It is definitely one of those juices which is very hard to describe, but if you are curious and fancy trying something totally unique, give it a try.

Base Zero from Manabush pt2 Gin Jack

Final thoughts

So, we have finally reached the end of our journey in to what Manabush have come up with in their all-day affordable range, and it has been great fun. There is a great balance between the more tradition e-liquid flavours mixed with a few really interesting twists which may not seem like obvious choices until you give them a vape. But who says all day vapes have to be boring and predictable? If more juice companies were a little more adventurous, the vaping world would be all the richer for it, so I tip my hat to the Base Zero range for gently pushing the boundaries.

If this has tickled your fancy, you can order the Base Zero range from the Manabush website. The 50ml shortfill option is £9.99 and the 30ml version is £6, plus the relevant nicshots which you can also pick up for £1 a shot. If you love a bargain, you can also grab bulk bundles which offer a substantial saving. As well as selling PG and VG shots, they also sell salts and iced so there is plenty of potential for mixing things up a bit too if you fancy a bit of extra fun!

Many thanks to Manabush for sending the whole Base Zero range over for review.

Base Zero from Manabush pt2 flavours

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