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Bandwagon E-Juice

Bandwagon E-Juice is a new, UK based e-liquid company that was recently launched in April 2018 by Phil Reeve, a vaper who has been around the scene for a while now!

Three e-liquids presently make up the Bandwagon E-Juice line, with Acca, Bri and Grapi all available. All three are mixed and produced in the UK, with Acca having a 75/25 VG/PG ratio and an 80/20 mix ratio used for Bri and Grapi. Bandwagon E-Juice is available in zero nicotine 50ml shortfill bottles, with 10ml zero nicotine sample bottles also available through their website.


A very light Apple Caramel Cake smothered with caramel and sweet apple chunks...

The Electronic Cigarette Company

This is an e-liquid that smells absolutely amazing, even when I opened the package containing my review samples of Bandwagon E-Juice all I could smell was a sweet apple and caramel! This e-liquid tastes absolutely delicious too, a light cakey background giving way to a sweet apple and thick caramel flavour. Really good stuff!


A sensational black grape menthol with sweet grapes and a little twist..

Bri has a very authentic tasting, and strong, black grape flavour with a cooling undertone of menthol and what tasted to me like a small hint of aniseed! I found this easy going enough to vape all day without it getting too much, plus the menthol does a great job of keeping my taste buds refreshed. It's really well mixed, with a great balance between the flavours, a very crisp and refreshing vape indeed!


Vape Club

This blackberry-raspberry menthol is a fruity sensation with a menthol twist...

On the inhale, the first taste I get is the sweet berry mix of blackberries and raspberries, which then gives way to a sharp and refreshing menthol. The berry flavours aren't overly sweet, and they do taste like the actual fruits themselves. A great vape for summer!


It's always good to see a new UK juice maker on the block, and even better when they are offering some quality liquids! These three liquids from Bandwagon E-Juice were very enjoyable indeed, and I felt that their e-liquids were mixed to a great standard. Hopefully we will be seeing more from Bandwagon E-Juice in the future!

Many thanks to Phil at Bandwagon E-Juice for sending these in for review, if you like the sound of these you can purchase them from here-

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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