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AQUA Fruits and AQUA Sweets

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Hello and welcome to another POTV E-Liquid review. My name is Sacred and I am here to take you through my experiences of the AQUA Fruit and the AQUA Sweet ranges from Marina Vape. For full context, I have vaped at least 20ml or more of each liquid through a few different tanks and I am offering MY experiences with the flavour, performance and overall enjoyment.

Ready? Let’s begin shall we.

Who are Marina Vape first and foremost? Founded in 2014 in LA, Marina have strived to be a company who offers premium flavoured Eliquid that is created by the best around. Forging a number of different brands, they have remained a popular choice in the Eliquid market. So straight away I can see from the company design and sales pitch that they are a company who looks to deliver excellent vaping experiences and have plenty of time to hone their art. The bigger question is, are they worth the hype?


AQUA Fruits Range


Aqua Fruit's Mist e Juice offers a fantastic trifecta of fruit that balances the notes of green apple with peach and kiwi exquisitely.

This flavour was quite bizarre when I first started trying it out, but I think this was due to my own expectations. The apple and peach are prominent and the kiwi does add a layer of a slightly bitter green fruit flavour. After giving it plenty of time to win me over, I found that the reason for the flavour being odd at first was the peach being so prominent on the inhale. The official blurb puts the peach afterwards but I found that the peach surprises you on the inhale hence the taken back reaction at first. Once you hit the exhale, I found the apple to come through much more prominently and the kiwi seems to add to the weight. The more I vaped this one, the more I enjoyed it and had no issues on the coils whatsoever. If you like the idea of a sweet peach giving way to a heavy bodied apple then this will be perfect for you!


This concoction of fruit is all about the smooth taste of the tropics, mixing ripe pineapple with tangy mango and soothing guava to make one delectable flavour

Moving onto flow now and this was one that perked my interest ahead of review. The tropic flavour when done right can be so unique and the mix of pineapple and mango was a really interesting idea. What I found overall with this flavour was that the flavour seemed to sway away at little from the full mixed idea with slightly more prominent pineapple. A very strong pineapple on the inhale and the exhale body was a more subdued mango combined with the guava with the sharp notes of pineapple still to give a nice bodied flavour. If you are a fan of pineapple with the orange fruit body behind it then this fantastic flavour to try.


Aqua Fruit's Oasis e Juice provides an excellent ensemble of peach, papaya, and cantaloupe.

Oasis straight away took my mind to the drink so I was hoping to get something similar in style. This flavour is a strong peach inhale that gives way to other fruits on the exhale. It means the sweet sharp peach subdues on the exhale and comes through then as a fruity mix which does drop a tiny bit of sweetness as a result. A lovely mix of peach and unusual added fruits gives this one a sweeter overall feel and a lovely inhale, with the exhale being a little less prominent on the tongue.


Aqua Fruit's Pure e Juice gives you the good, clean, ripe fruit flavour that you would expect from something with such a name. This beautiful blend delivers vivid notes of watermelon with strawberry-apple support on the inhale.

Before we start with this one, I am a big fan of watermelon flavours when they are done right so I was interested to see how Marina Vape would approach this flavour. The overall experience was positive, but I think again my experiences deviate from the official blurb. On the inhale I do get a very prominent watermelon flavour and combined with the strawberry it gives it a lovely fruity sweet flavour that is sharp and refreshing. On the exhale, I found the flavour to really take over with the watermelon and as a result, lose touches of the sweetness and become a stronger watermelon. There are little notes of apple in there on the exhale but it is fair to say the watermelon is very much the dominant flavour here. A very nice flavour if you want a watermelon blended with sweet strawberry.


The Aqua Sweets Range


A fruity candy blend unlike any other, Rainbow Drops by Aqua features notes of orange, lemon, green apple, strawberry and grape.

This was a flavour I threw myself into blindly as I didn’t want to try and anticipate what the flavour was going to be like beforehand. The official blurb makes it sound like a fruity blend and to some extent that is true but I got a different impression from it overall. The fruits themselves blend together well, with none any of them overtly standing out at any point but maintaining a constant mix profile throughout. The overall impression with this one was akin to a sherbet style flavour without the sour exhale on your tongue which actually makes it really enjoyable. Very sweet, but again no real impact on the coils despite this. Very much worth trying if you want a really sweet and tasty fruit flavour.


Sour Melon by Aqua Vape Juice is a savoury candy e-juice blend that will leave your sweet tooth begging for more.

Now this flavour was quite intriguing for the sweet/savoury notes that could well come from vaping this. I have to be honest I have never really had an eliquid that could deliver both. The inhale again is very much a watermelon flavour that combines with a lovely watermelon taste similar to the AQUA Pure liquid. The sweet part is less fruity and more distinct, but the quick sharp inhale is really enjoyable. On the exhale the watermelon as expected really takes over, however, the sour is a little subdued on the tongue, in my opinion. The sweet part does fall away quite quickly but it then becomes again a dominant watermelon. So a more straight forward watermelon this one, nothing too distinctive but very nice none the less and a must have for melon lovers.


Blue Razz is an tasty sweet and tart blue raspberry e Juice, carefully balanced to bring out the sour tangy aspect of the juice and contrasting it with a sweet overtone to fully round out the flavour.

Finally we have the blue Razz, or raspberry flavour. This is one of the best raspberry slush eliquids I've tried. Have you ever wanted to vape a slush but not a fan of Koolada? This one will definitely be for you! The blue raspberry is very strong and very enjoyable without ever coming across as too sweet or too sour. The flavour seems balanced really well and while it reminds me of other slush liquids, it fortunately doesn't have the added coldness, that tends to distract or take away from the fruit. As mentioned it is more simple than others in the range but overall a very enjoyable vape none the less.


After trying the range from Marina, I have to say that both the fruit and the sweet ranges are exceptional! The mixes seem to bring twists to standard flavours which do alter the profile slightly in the most part from what you would expect adding a welcome uniqueness to the range. The flavours come with dominant fruit which will please the fruit lovers that find their fruit flavours understated or dull. For example, the dominant peach flavour in AQUA Mist packs a punch that will please peach lovers. That seems to be AQUA biggest strength here, distinctive flavours offer fantastic all-day-vape potential here for fruit lovers and the whole range really needs to be tasted to be truly appreciated.

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My first ever proper set up was the vision spinner 2 and nautilus mini tank. That set up lasted me around 9 months believe it or not. Until I upgraded like everyone else to the Kanger Subbox Kit and I never looked back. I have had my ups and downs over the years from bad purchases, failures and setbacks but the most important thing is that I have learned. My hope as a fellow vaper is to pass all my knowledge on and help others as they have helped me over the years.  Nowadays I am a writer, reviewer , Youtuber and long standing member of this fine vaping community. I write as a hobby and review as a fellow vaper. I look to bring unbiased and honest thoughts which I hope you enjoy though my reviews.  Just remember, vaping is there to get you off the cigarettes so enjoy it and stay safe!

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