All Day Shorty E-Liquids by El Diablo Part IV Review by Dan Willis

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All Day Shorty Part 2

All Day Shorty is a new range of zero nicotine 50ml shortfill E-Liquids, brought to you by El Diablo Juices. These are designed as a range of great flavours at an all day, everyday price of just £10 for 50ml!

Since their early beginnings on the POTV forum, El Diablo Juices have grown from strength to strength under the stewardship of Vik and her team, and they have grown into one of the largest and most popular vendors in the UK thanks to a range of top quality E-Liquids and excellent customer service. 

El Diablo Juices pride themselves on producing top quality E-Liquid handmade from high quality, vape-safe ingredients using only the best UK, European and US based suppliers, and their E-Liquids are mixed and bottled within a dedicated, purpose-built clean room. El Diablo Juices e-liquids are fully tested and compliant with TPD regulations, and they now offer a large range of E-Liquids catering to different tastes, it’s well worth having a look at what they have to offer!

The All Day Shorty range consists of 12 flavours mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG range, and it is recommended that you leave the bottles to steep for two days should you choose to add a nicotine shot. We have split our review of the All Day Shorty range into four parts - this is the final installment!



A sweet and tangy, freshly squeezed pineapple, orange and mango ice cream smoothie

On the inhale there is a very tropical feel to Jamba, I find the mango flavour note to be the most prominent, with the pineapple and orange notes providing a tangy, sharp twist to the juicy mango flavour. It’s rounded off with a smooth vanilla ice cream note, which adds a smooth aftertaste to Jamba.

Jamba does remind me of Alfenique, a favourite of mine from the El Diablo range, with a dollop of ice cream added to the mix! It’s an extremely enjoyable exotic vape, full of delicious flavour.

Pink Lemonade 

A truly classic pink lemonade bursting with sweet and juicy citrus flavours

There’s a whole bunch of Pink Lemonade E-Liquids on the market today, but El Diablo Juices have absolutely nailed his one, making it arguably the most well rounded Pink Lemonade I have tried to date. It’s not overly sweet or syrupy like a lot of others out there, and the blend is absolutely spot on right down to the hint of fizz present!

Menthol Bitch

Cool mint ice cream with dark chocolate chips and an icy blast


Menthol Bitch starts off with an authentic tasting mint flavour, coupled with a creamy ice cream note, with dark chocolate in the background. This is rounded off with a chilled menthol, recreating the feel of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Interestingly I have found that a lot of E-Liquids that I have tried containing Chocolate flavouring are quite heavy on my coils, but Menthol Bitch certainly seemed to be less harsh on them!


In terms of value for money, El Diablo Juices have hit the nail on the head with these All Day Shorty E-Liquids, and though they are priced very competitively at £10 per bottle the quality outshines even a lot of their higher priced competitors!

There are some classic E-Liquid blends to be found within the All Day Shorty range, and some definite all day vapes present here. These E-Liquids are handmixed to perfection, and well worth every penny!

So that concludes ur review on the All Day Shorty range from El Diablo! Many thanks to El Diablo for sending the All Day Shorty E-Liquids for review, they are currently running a ‘buy three get one free’ offer which offers great value for money, the All Day Shorty range can be purchased from


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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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