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5050 E-Liquids

5050 are a range of E-Liquid made entirely in the UK and sold by Frumist comprising of four flavours, Candy Beans, Elmo, Li Berry and Summer Passion.

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5050 E-Liquids

5050 are a range of E-Liquid made entirely in the UK and sold by Frumist. At present there are four flavours available in this range with possibly more to come in the future.

The juice comes in 30ml glass bottles that feature child proof dropper top caps. You can purchase this juice in one of three nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. The labels are nicely presented and feature all of the typical information you would expect along with clear warnings. It might seem completely obvious but I do have to point out for the purposes of this review that this juice is mixed to a 50VG/50PG ratio.

I vaped this juice in the Freemax Starre Pro Sub Ohm tank which was fitted with a 0.25ohm Ni200 coil with the temperature on my device set to 240°C and the Wattage set to 48W.

Candy Beans

Sweet, Juicy mouth-watering jelly bean sweets.

As you might expect this juice tastes very much like traditional jelly bean sweets and it makes for a very pleasant vape. It certainly does have a mouth-watering quality that is very noticeable when vaping and there is also a nice amount of sugary sweetness that you pick up on the exhale.

For anyone who likes sweet shop style eliquids this one will certainly appeal! Vapour production was decent with some good clouds being produced despite the fact that it is a 50/50 mix. Throat hit in 3mg strength was medium.


Rich creamy peanut butter topped with sweet jam.

I have never understood the attraction to combine peanut butter and jam (or jelly as our American cousins do) since it just seems totally weird to me, highly revolting and in my opinion anyone who combines these things needs serious help! Personal taste and joking aside when it comes to vaping I have found that peanut butter does in fact work in certain mixes but I must admit I was somewhat dubious about this one so I approached this juice with some reluctance and I cautiously decided not to put too much E-Liquid in my dripper.

Funnily enough it was not at all like I imagined and for the most part it is mainly a very mild peanut butter flavour with a good amount of smoothness. In fact I would go so far as to say it is nowhere near as nutty as I imagined since the tasty jam flavour is far more prominent and pushes the peanut into the background.

In consideration of the fact that I am not much of a fan of peanut butter I would venture to say that if you like jam based eliquids and you don’t mind that flavour combined with peanut then this could certainly be really appealing, but in all honesty even though I thought it was okay to vape and mixed very well it isn’t really my kind of juice.

On the positive side of things the ingredients do taste natural and it is very convincing but you really do have to appreciate this particular flavour combination.

For 50/50 juice, vapour production was pretty decent and I think better than average since it seemed more like 60/40 to me. Throat hit in 3mg strength was mild to medium.

Li Berry

A sweet mixture of a delicate lychee mixed with fresh refreshing raspberry.

This is a very pleasant flavour with lychee being the prominent ingredient. Further interest is created through the addition of raspberry and while it does serve to vary the overall flavour, it mainly works as a background note which does occasionally come to the forefront on the exhale. The ingredients tasted very natural but I did feel that the raspberry while pleasant could be a little stronger since the lychee does tend to dominate somewhat.

Nevertheless, on the whole this is a refreshing and enjoyable flavour that would make a decent all day vape!

Summer Passion

A mixture of tropical flavours combining sour apple with sweet strawberry and exotic kiwi.

This juice is an interesting mix of sweet and sour flavours which means it has a nice variety when vaping. The apple while very natural in taste is quite sour but thankfully this is counterbalanced by a very sweet strawberry and is enhanced with a touch of kiwi fruit.

Typically I am not someone who really goes for sweet and sour flavours, but I have to admit I rather enjoyed this one and I think given how it never becomes overly sweet it might make a good all day vape!

Vapour production was pretty good for a 50/50 mix and I found the throat hit to be medium in strength.


This is a nice range of 50/50 E-Liquid that caters to customers who are looking for very different juices with particular flavour profiles.

Li-Berry offers a rather unusual but enjoyable vape. Elmo specifically caters to the weirdos (totally kidding) out there that love peanut butter and jam! Summer Passion makes for a pleasant sweet and sour vape and Candy Beans will certainly appeal to anyone who enjoys sweet shop themed flavours.

All of the flavours while not appealing to all tastes certainly are very well mixed and convincing. One definite plus point is that I do think these juices have slightly more vapour production than your typical 50/50 mix. Depending on which flavours appeal to you the most these juices are well worth trying out!

Many thanks to 5050 E-Liquid who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you would like to order any E-Liquid from this range you can purchase them from Frumist where they are priced at £9.99 for 30ml - POTV readers can get 20% off this price using the code ELIQUID20 - very well priced juice.  Frumist will be showcasing their Indulge range at the Vaper Expo in Birmingham over the weekend so make sure you drop in and say hello!

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