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South Coast Vapes Deckchair and Deep South

Vapefest 2017 saw the release of two brand new concentrates from South Coast Vapes - Deckchair and Deep South!

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South Coast Vapes is a brand name very well known to many on the POTV forum and beyond, starting off on the POTV forum itself and exploding quickly in popularity thanks to classic e-liquids such as Nipplejuice, Callicustard and Crackberry to name but a few that were expertly mixed by Tom Buckley (South Coast Vaper on the POTV forum). 

It was a very sad day indeed when the looming TPD legislation forced Tom and the South Coast Vapes brand to shut up shop, however as they say ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ and the South Coast Vapes brand does indeed live on, in the form of premixed flavour concentrates available at www.mixshop.co.uk at the extremely reasonable prices of £3.99 for a 10ml bottle of flavour concentrate, or £9.49 for a 30ml bottle of flavour concentrate. 

I'll be reviewing the first line of concentrates that came out of the South Coast Vapes stable shortly, but Vapefest 2017 will see the release of two brand new concentrates in the form of Deckchair and Deep South!

Both Deckchair and Deep South were mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, and 6mg nicotine strength. Here's what I thought of each one...


A refreshing natural layered mint melded with a blend of fresh raspberries, crisp apples and elderflower.

A summery, fruit vape, Deckchair blends raspberries, apples with an elderflower background, and it has a very crisp and authentic mint that mixes in perfectly. These flavours blend together to perfection, making for a fruity, crisp and deliciously refreshing vape that can be easily vaped all day long. 

It's not overly sweet, the fruit flavours are true to their real life counterparts with no added sweetener present, and there is real mint flavouring found here, no artificial menthol styled stuff! If found Deckchair to be very easy on your coils too, unlike a lot of artificially sweetened fruit eliquids available on the market today.

Deckchair needs to be steeped for at least four days before vaping, I've personally found that after four days the best of Deckchair really starts to shine through!

Deep South

Deep RY4 with notes of burley wrapped in a rich but not too sweet caramel with a slight biscuity taste, and full on peanuts.

A tobacco based vape with a dessert edge, Deep South has a rich burley tobacco element which provides the dominant flavour here, the burley tobacco itself also has a slightly sweet note to it and this holds appeal to those that have been wary of eliquids containing tobacco in the past.

The burley tobacco blends seamlessly with a thick caramel, biscuit note and plenty of peanut flavouring, making for an unbelievable RY4 style vape. Deep South has fast become one of my all time favourite eliquids, its complex, incredibly tasty and hooks you in for more and more! 

Deep South can be vaped straight after mixing, but I'd strongly recommend steeping it for at least two days once mixed before vaping it. The peanut and caramel notes really liven up then, giving Deep South a delicious dessert edge!


I've been lucky enough to be involved in testing both of these concentrates since the very early stages of production, and I've experienced both of these grow into truly exceptional flavour concentrates that can be quickly mixed to your own preference in a matter of minutes. Deckchair is a true summer vape, bursting with flavour, and Deep South is a deliciously complex tobacco based vape that I cannot put down. Both of these are easily all day vapes and permanent fixtures in my juice rotation now!

I'm writing this review the day before I set off for Vapefest 2017, and I fully expect that these concentrates will sell like hot cakes over Vapefest weekend, so I would highly recommend that you pick some up whilst you can, as you are in for a massive treat if you manage to grab some! 

South Coast Vapes Deckchair and Deep South can be purchased from the Mix Shop stand within the POTV marquee at Vapefest, or through the Mix Shop website https://www.mixshop.co.uk/collections/south-coast-vapes - there will be a small quantity available to buy via the site at Vapefest discount prices over the weekend so those who can't attend will have a chance of getting some.  Mixshop currently have a sale running until the end of August, most concentrates and mix shots are discounted, including the South Coast Vapes range - so grab some bargains while you can!

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