DropCBD CBD E-Liquid With Watermelon Flavour Review by Adam Bolt

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DropCBD CBD E-Liquid With Watermelon Flavour 

When I received the Drop CBD 500mg Watermelon e-liquid through the letterbox, I eagerly filled my new FAMOVAPE Chillax, a CBD inspired piece of kit which is MTL and gives great flavour with a pleasant hit.

This is the first CBD range that I have reviewed, and I was very pleasantly surprised with the effect it gave me. Whilst I am not making any medical claims, my anxiety levels are not as apparent as they usually are and I have found that going into presentations at work have been a doddle. Where normally I would find myself feeling nervous and slightly overwhelmed, a few puffs of this beforehand have made me noticeably more relaxed and by extension perform my tasks better. I usually take a couple of puffs in a morning and this seems to carry me through, it really does seem to take the the edge off my nerves.

Another great side-effect of this CBD has been the ease of falling asleep. A lot of people in the UK currently have some issue falling asleep and most know the pain of lying awake with an overactive brain as the clock ticks away your lost sleep. However, with this CBD e-liquid, I can now easily float off with the pleasant taste of watermelon on my tongue. 

The watermelon flavour is well balanced and not overly strong with a pleasant aftertaste. Some CBD products can have strong earthy overtones that can be cloying and border on unpleasant, but this is only mildly discernable in this liquid and I found myself quite enjoying the general flavour.


The Drop CBD e-liquids are all available in 500mg, 1000mg to a whopping 1500mg editions and come in four flavours: Watermelon, Tropical Mix, Berries, and Apple & Pear.

A 30ml bottle is priced in the following brackets:

  • 500mg - €39,99 EUR
  • 1000mg - €64,99 EUR
  • 1500mg - €99,99 EUR

I would definitely recommend this CBD range, the flavour was good and the effect was noticeable. However, I am sure that choosing a higher strength would show increased and longer lasting effects.

This product was kindly sent to us for review by Drop CBD https://dropcbd.co.uk/collections/cbd-e-liquids

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 Adam Bolt
Article by Adam Bolt
I started vaping back in 2014 using the old pen devices...really hard trying to stop smoking with them for me I was on 10 cigs a day from the age of 13 and now 29, I'm Cig free and have been for the last year... I started sub ohming back in 2016 but gave up due to various issues with the pen than last year I finally gave up the cigs and bought a new stick device SMOK V8. This was when my passion for vaping began... I did start to look at the different devices but was dubious due to the fact they were too big but the dreaded battery life hit me and I decide to look at buying a mod.