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Toby has been vaping since early 2012 and has used an array of devices and kit in that time. He sometimes writes up reviews but is often found with his head stuck in pages of code with a confused smile on his face. Toby also helps run his wife's site and has two children. He sometimes fondly remembers having free time and occasionally manages to sneak away to put his head into a good book!

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Battery Reviews

Nitecore Intellicharger i8

Nitecore's Intellicharger i8 is capable of charging a monstrous 8 batteries, meaning that you should never be without a freshly charged battery! It has a unique vertical stand arrangement, and the 8 charging bays are controlled independently, with battery power levels detected independently and the appropriate voltage and charging mode used. Flame retardant and fire resistant PC materials are used with the manufacturing of this charger, along with a unique grill design for heat dissipation.