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Youde (or UD for short) are are very well known manufacturer within the industry, responsible for releases like the excellent Goblin series of tanks and also mods such as the Balrog. They have also manufactured a range of RDA’s, and have also released products aimed at people that enjoy rebuilding their own atomisers, by providing products such as their pre-built specialty coils and the Sifu B-Tab- a coil rebuilding tab that also doubles up as a functional mod, and even their own range of organic cotton!

They have released the Coil Mate kit, which offers people a range of rebuilding tools, and more recently they have brought the Coil Mate Mini kit to market, which is a smaller, almost travel sized version of the Coil Mate kit- handy to take out and about with you! Let’s have a look at what the Coil Mate Mini kit offers...

Youde Coil Mate Mini kit

The items contained within the Coil Mate Mini kit are housed in a nice lightweight carry case, that has plenty of space inside it for all of the included tools and even room for extras such as wick and wire, as well as spare batteries stored in a silicon battery sleeve or small battery box. The kit is small enough to be carried around in your bag/rucksack or stored in your car for example. The carry case comes in a black or camouflage finish. The tools included within the kit are-

●     Folding scissors- these fold away nicely meaning they take up little space within the kit itself. They are sharp and come in very handy for trimming your cotton wicks down to your desired size.


●     Mini Diagonal Pliers- great for trimming wires down to size. They snip straight through even the thickest of wires with no issues at all.

●     Cotton Hook- allows you to pull the cotton through your coil easier, and also helps with positioning it as well.

●     Ceramic Tweezers- ceramic tweezers just happen to be my most favourite bit of kit in my rebuilding arsenal! Ceramic tweezers allow you to manipulate the position of your coils, and you can also fire your coils whilst pinching the ends of the coil to squeeze it together, without causing a short circuit. The ones found within the Coil Mate Mini kit feature a rounded edge, allowing them to sit comfortably in hand and be operated with your thumb and forefinger.

●     Flat headed screwdriver- for flat headed screws

●     Cross headed screwdriver- for cross headed screws

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●     Allen key- for use with many grub screws

It is a small and practical rebuilding kit to carry around with you, that is a very good pick up at under £20 with most retailers. If you pick up a Sifu B-Tab as well as the Coil Mate Mini kit, you have an ideal kit for rebuilding on the move then!


The Coil Mate Mini kit is a great little accessory kit that is handy to carry around with you, should you need to rebuild on the move, and also contains pretty much all you need to build coils at home. The quality of the products included within the Coil Mate Mini kit is spot on, and it’s been a handy kit to keep in my car- getting me out of a bind on more than one occasion when away from home!

Many thanks to Youde for sending the Coil Mate Mini in to us for review. Youde have kindly provided us with a Coil Mate Mini kit to give away, to be in with a chance of winning one click here!



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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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