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WUD Real Wood Skins

Developed by Wudbx, a company based out of Virginia Beach, VA, WUD Real Wood skins are designed to offer consumers a high end, real wood mod wrap option for their mods, without paying the premium price charged for real wood mods themselves. The mod wrap and skin market is dominated mainly by the silicon cases and vinyl wraps, however Wudbx have noticed a gap in the market for ‘high-end’ skins. That’s not to say the price is high end, as with an RRP under £20 these are actually an affordable premium option for many.

Wudbx have actually been in the industry since 2008, and have seen the industry grow exponentially since the very beginning. WUD itself was in development for around 6 months before the official launch at ECC in Los Angeles, with a goal to offer consumers the option to convert their existing box mods into real wood mods at a fraction of the cost. Multiple wood types, stains, finishes and lasers were tested out before Wudbx were satisfied with the final product and were ready to release it. They have done phenomenally well in the USA since their launch, becoming a very popular option for many when looking to skin their mod, and WUD Real Wood Skins have now made their way over to our shores where they are sure to be extremely popular here as well.

Wudbx have developed a range of skins compatible with a vast range of today’s most popular mods, however I will be looking at the Padauk Red skin for the IPV D2 which was kindly provided to us for review by www.vapour.co.uk!  


  • Laser cut
  • Hand finished
  • Easy to apply
  • Crafted real wood wrap
  • Available in Espresso Brown, Natural Light, Walnut and Padauk Red wood finishes
  • Available for-
  • Innokin Cool Fire IV
  • Istick 100w
  • Istick 20/30w
  • Istick 40w TC
  • Istick 50w
  • Istick 60w TC
  • Istick Mini 10w
  • Joyetech Egrip
  • Joyetech Egrip OLED
  • Joyetech Evic Mini
  • Joyetech Reuleaux RX200
  • Kanger Subox Mini
  • IPV3LI
  • IPV D2
  • IPV Mini 2
  • IPV 4S
  • SIGELEI 100W/150W
  • Koopor Plus 200W
  • Smok Xcube II
  • Snow Wolf 200W
  • SX Mini M Class
  • Tesla 2
  • Tesla 200W TC
  • Vaporshark DNA200

The above list of compatible mods was correct at the time of writing, however there are WUD skins constantly being released to be compatible with the latest and most popular units, so this list is sure to grow even bigger over the coming months as more and more units hit the market. So far, I think WUD has it covered here, with the options for the most popular units available to date!


You’ll find your WUD skin contained within white, thin, simplistic envelope style cardboard packaging, and inside this contains everything you need to apply your WUD skin to your mod. There is an Isopropyl Alcohol wipe, comprehensive instructions and the individual adhesive parts that will make up your final WUD skin.


First you will need to wipe down your mod thoroughly before applying your skin, inside the packaging is a handy Isopropyl Alcohol wipe to ensure you clean off any impurities from your mod, it’s extremely important that you use the supplied wipe to clean your mod before applying the skin as any dirt, dust or juice residue is going to affect the adhesive part of the skin, and it could be costly for you having to purchase a new skin if you attempt to apply the skin to a dirty mod! It’s also worth wiping down the surface that you intend to rest your mod on whilst applying the skin, again to remove any dust or dirt from the area.

Pure Eliquids

Inside the packaging you will find detailed instructions on where to position the individual adhesive parts that will make up your final completed wrap. They are numbered and correspond accordingly to an individual component of the wrap. To apply each part, you simply peel off the adhesive backing carefully, position the part on your mod and press down on it to set it in place. A good tip is to apply each part lightly first, as if you have made a mistake with the positioning you can move it around without damaging the adhesive, then press down once you are happy with it’s position. Once you have pressed down on it and set it in place, you cannot then move it around without risking damage to the adhesive.

If you wish to remove the WUD skin at any time, simply peel off each part of the skin and wipe down your mod afterwards to remove any traces of adhesive residue. Once removed you cannot re-apply the WUD skin afterwards.

A link on how to install the WUD Skin on the IPV D2 can be found on the official WUD website, here

How does it look?

The Padauk Red finish on my IPV D2 WUD skin is phenomenal, it’s given my budget IPV D2 a real high end premium feel to it. A great thing about using this skin with my IPV D2 was that I was having issues with the battery door sliding off when not using the IPV D2 silicon sleeve, however since applying this skin to the IPV D2 my battery door has stayed firm! All the old scratches that were present on my workhorse IPV D2 have been covered up, and it's like having a whole new premium mod in my hand. I’ve tried out many a different skin and wrap in my time, but none have come close to the premium quality of a WUD skin.

We Vape

It feels excellent in the hand, with these skins being laser cut and hand finished, there are no sharp or rough edges from the wood. It’s really comfortable in the palm of my hand and looks absolutely superb. Top marks to the Wudbx team, these are some real top class mod skins!

Many thanks to www.vapour.co.uk who supplied us with a Padauk Red IPV D2 skin for review, you can purchase this and many other fantastic WUD skins there, don’t forget to use the discount code POTV to get 10% off of your order!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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