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UD Pre-Built Specialty Coils

Responsible for producing such well known products like the Goblin Mini V3 and UD Sifu B-Tab for example, UD have also produced a range of pre-built specialty coils and made them available at a budget price, these coils are available in a range of different styles and resistances and come ready to install in your atty. You literally just have to slot them in, trim off the excess from the coil legs, and you are good to go!

At present, seven different styles of UD pre-built specialty coils are available to purchase in a pack of 10. The different styles available are as follows-

  • SS316L/Kanthal KA1 Clapton Coil - 26AWG+32AWG wire, 2.5mm internal diameter, 0.5ohm resistance
  • SS316L Clapton Coil - 26AWG+30AWG, 2.5mm ID, 0.5ohm
  • SS316L Staggered Fused Clapton Coil - (26AWG+32AWG)*2 + Ribbon, 2.5mm ID, 0.2ohm
  • SS316L Staggered Fused Clapton Coil - (26AWG+Ribbon)*2 + 32AWG, 2.5mm ID, 0.15ohm
  • Kanthal KA1 Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Coil - (26AWG+32AWG)*2 + (Ribbon*2) + 34AWG, 2.5mm ID, 0.2ohm
  • SS316L Twisted Fused Clapton Coil - (26AWG*2)*2 + Ribbon, 2.5mm ID, 0.1ohm
  • Kanthal KA1 Alien Coil - (26AWG*3) + 32AWG, 2.5mm ID, 0.15ohm

Today I’ll be looking at a selection of three of the UD pre-built specialty coils…

26+32AWG SS316L/Kanthal A1 Clapton Coil

The 26+32AWG SS316L/Kanthal A1 Clapton Coil has a resistance of 0.5ohm, and the combination of SS316L and Kanthal A1 offers a Clapton Coil that has an increased ramp up time over a standard Kanthal Clapton Coil. These are perfect for use with both unregulated mechanical and regulated mods.


Out of the three packs of coils that I received, these coils were the smallest, however they were very easy to install. I installed one into my Hellfire Havoc to use with my Frankenskull mechanical squonker and I also installed two into my Wotofo Sapor V2 to test with a regulated mod, which was the SBody Elfin DNA75.

Ramp up time is pretty quick so I got pretty impressive results from my single coil in the Hellfire Havoc on my Frankenskull mechanical squonker. From a fully charged battery right down to needing to replace the battery at 3.7/3.8V, there was consistently very good flavour and vapour. With a dual coil in the Sapor V2, 65-80W I found to be ideal to get the best performance.

26+30AWG SS316L Clapton Coil

Again, having the same resistance as the 26+32AWG SS316L/Kanthal A1 Clapton Coil at 0.5ohm per coil, the 26+30AWG SS316L Clapton Coil offers similar properties to its SS316L/Kanthal A1 sibling, however it has a rapid ramp up time making it ideal for use with unregulated mechanical mods as well as regulated mods.

Installation was dead easy. These slotted in nicely into my O-Atty for use with my Frankenskull mechanical squonker and they also fit into the post holes in the Wotofo Sapor V2 for use with the Vapedroid C1D2 with no trouble at all. They go a nice blue colour once you have dry fired them too, making them look aesthetically pleasing!

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Due to the fast ramp up time with these coils, you don’t need to hammer silly wattage through them to get them to perform. Using a single coil in the O-Atty on the Frankenskull I get a great vape with excellent flavour and vapour right from the start when installing a fully charged battery in the Frankenskull, right down to when I tend to recharge my battery at around 3.7/3.8V. With a dual coil installed in the Sapor V2 and used with the Vapedroid C1D2, 55-75W is absolutely perfect.

(26AWG*2)*2+Ribbon SS316L Twisted Fused Clapton Coil

First things first, this Twisted Fused Clapton Coil has a resistance of 0.1ohm per coil, which is extremely dangerous when in the wrong hands. I’d strongly advise against using this Twisted Fused Clapton Coil in any sort of unregulated mechanical mod that takes a single 18650 or an unregulated 18650 series mod, as there is no 18650 battery capable of safely handling the amp draw from a 0.1ohm coil. This will draw a massive 42 amps, far above the 20/30 amp limit for the most popular batteries on the market. 

To test this coil out fully I made use of the iJoy Maxo and installed a single coil in the Goon RDA. The coil legs were extremely thick but thanks to the clamp system in the Goon RDA installation was easy. You’ll have a bit of trouble installing them in atomisers with fairly small to medium sized post holes, I just about managed to install one in the Wotofo Sapor V2.

I set the power to a ‘modest’ 80W to begin with, or 2.82V, which resulted in a pretty weak vape. I cranked the power right up to 130W, or 3.6V, which really started to get things going! The flavour was absolutely terrible, hot and tasteless, but the clouds were really starting to fill the room out. At 180W, which equates to 4.24V, again there was pretty much zero flavour and a very hot vape but the cloud production was pretty phenomenal. Overall these coils were great for clouds, awful for flavour, and to be honest there are far safer options to look at if you fancy some crazy cloud chasing coils. Due to the frankly dangerous resistance of these particular coils, I wouldn’t be recommending them to anyone.

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All in all, the UD pre-built specialty coils are surprisingly very neat and tidy, well constructed and ready to use out of the box, plus they can last for a long time indeed with a quick dry burn and clean now and again. I simply had to install them and check there was a nice, even glow before using, which nine times out of ten there was, and with the exception of the frankly ridiculous (26AWG*2)*2+Ribbon SS316L Twisted Fused Clapton Coil, these offered a very good vape with great flavour and plentiful vapour right out of the box. With the ease of installation and the performance they provide, these coils are definitely worth having a look at! 

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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