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Kendo Vape Cotton

Kendo Vape Cotton is produced from 100% organic cotton grown and cultivated in Japan, and they pride themselves in providing pesticide free and unbleached cotton that is amongst the purest available on the market. It’s described as offering superior absorption capabilities, virtually no flavour bleed over when switching flavours, as well as no cotton taste whatsoever.

What is Kendo Vape Cotton made from?

Kendo Vape Cotton themselves are based out of Malaysia, and the cotton itself is grown and cultivated in Japan from a single carefully selected species of cotton plant. It’s 100% organic, unbleached and pesticide free, and the cotton plant used was selected due to its ability to provide no cotton taste, minimal flavour bleed over, outstanding liquid absorption capabilities and its resistance to burning as well.

Using Kendo Vape Cotton

Unlike a lot of traditional cotton, which comes supplied in pads, the ‘Original’ Kendo Vape Cotton comes in a bag of fresh cotton that you can just tear off, cut down and use. Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition comes in a metre long rope that can be pulled apart and rolled, to me the Gold Edition just seems a little bit ‘fluffier’ and is so easy to work with, I haven’t needed to use scissors to cut it down to size. I just tear off a little strip, roll it and it’s good to go!


Flavour, Lifespan and Wicking Capabilities

I’ve been bowled over by how clean and crisp this cotton is, both with the Original and the Gold Edition. After wicking my atomiser and juicing it up, I just get pure flavour from the get go, not even a hint of cotton as the wick beds in, and I have been switching flavours around on the same wick, with minimal flavour bleed over. Sometimes the flavour switches over immediately, other times it will last for maybe a couple of puffs at most, before the old flavour disappears completely.

Wicking is outstanding. Whether using a small or large piece of Kendo Vape Cotton, this wicks juice immediately and retains it as well no matter what mix ratio is used, making it ideal for RDA usage as it can hold onto a large amount of juice without needing to re-drip constantly. It’s improved some RTA’s I have that struggled wicking high VG juice, and cut down on leaks too with its ability to retain juice. Lifespan is excellent as well, I have found for instance that with other cottons I have had to rewick my Ubertoot UTA2 every couple of days with heavy usage, when I use Kendo Vape Cotton I can use the same wick for an entire week without needing a wick change, and I get perfect flavour from start to finish. I do love the fact that I don’t get any cotton aftertaste with this stuff! It’s got to be as pure as it gets when it comes to wicking material.

Between the Original and Gold Edition I have found there to be very little difference, both provide very clean and crisp flavour with no initial cotton taste when bedding in, the only differences I have found between the two is that the Gold Edition is ever so slightly easier to tear off and work with, and it tends to last a day or two longer than the Original edition. Overall, both are outstanding, and have now become a cotton I use on a daily basis.


Kendo Vape Cotton certainly isn’t the cheapest cotton I’ve come across, but in terms of sheer performance, it’s absolutely up there with the best. In fact, Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition is the only cotton I have been using in my rebuildables for the past couple of weeks, I love the fact that I can just tear a bit of this off, roll it, use it in my chosen atomiser and get no cotton taste whatsoever, from start to finish. It’s so light and easy to tear off, I rarely need to reach for a pair of scissors.

The lifespan of this cotton is outstanding as well, with it withstanding heavy usage from all kinds of e-liquids, and even for that reason alone you'll find your initial investment into this cotton well worth it in the long run!

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