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Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter

A very interesting new release from Innokin is the LIFT, an accessory that promises to easily convert a RDA into an RDTA! On paper it looks to be a very interesting piece of kit, reducing the need to constantly drip eliquid with your favourite RDA.

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A very interesting new release from Innokin is the LIFT STA (Siphon Tank Adaptor), an accessory that promises to easily convert a bottom fed RDA into an RDTA! On paper it looks to be a very interesting piece of kit, reducing the need to constantly drip eliquid with your favourite RDA thanks to it's 2ml tank reservoir. You can use your favourite bottom fed RDA with any type of mod using the LIFT STA, with no need for a squonker!

It's certainly a very intriguing piece of hardware from Innokin, but does it fill a gap in the market or is it a gimmick? Let's have a look...


  • 25mm x 20mm dimensions
  • 2ml capacity (TPD edition)/ 4ml capacity (non TPD edition)
  • World's first Siphon Tank system
  • Convert your RDA into an RDTA quickly
  • Three adjustable airflow slots
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Glass tank section
  • 510 threaded
  • Can be used as a portable e-liquid container

What's in the box?

Inside the box you get the Innokin LIFT STA itself, spare o-rings and a top and bottom cap so that the Innokin LIFT STA can be used as a portable e-liquid container.

Innokin LIFT STA

Innokin's LIFT STA boasts a pretty solid construction, manufactured from solid stainless steel with a thick glass tank section. No spare tank section is present in the box, so if you do manage to break the glass then you will need to purchase a whole new LIFT STA. The LIFT STA has a 25mm width meaning that it can accommodate 22mm to 25mm RDA's quite happily, however with RDAs that have a width of 23mm and below there is a noticeable recess between the top of the LIFT STA and your RDA.

The LIFT STA is fairly short with a 20mm height, however this does add up when you pop an RDA on top. 510 threading is present at the base of the LIFT STA, making it compatible with any popular mod on the market to date. Adjustable airflow is also present on the LIFT STA, with three adjustable airflow slots.

Overall, it does look fairly inconspicuous with 24 and 25mm width drippers, however I did feel that it looked a little ugly with smaller RDAs, thanks to the gap present on the top. It does also look very tall with an dripper present on top, which may not be to many users tastes, especially if you are a fan of low profile RDAs.

Using the Innokin LIFT STA

Firstly, you'll want to fill the Innokin LIFT STA with E-Liquid through the rather sizeable filling ports, ensuring that the airflow on the LIFT STA has been closed off beforehand. I did find that the airflow control was quite stiff and required quite a bit of force to adjust. The Innokin LIFT STA has a 2ml capacity within the EU due to TPD regulations, and a 4ml capacity outside of it.

Next, you'll need to attach a bottom fed compatible RDA to the top of the Innokin LIFT STA, and make sure that this is screwed on tightly to avoid any leaks. After this, you'll need to re-open the airflow control and puff to draw e-liquid up to your RDA. You may need to adjust the airflow on the LIFT STA to ensure it consistently feeds e-liquid up to the RDA, and does so without oversaturating it. I've found that this setting varies depending on the RDA I was using. Once done, the LIFT STA should feed e-liquid up to your RDA as you use it normally.

I have found that once the LIFT STA gets going, it does consistently feed E-Liquid up to my RDA without any dry hits or gurgling, however the 2ml capacity does drain fast meaning that I do need to refill it quite often. I'm sure the 4ml capacity version would double the time in between refills, however I did need to refill the 2ml one far too often for my liking, meaning that I would go back to using a squonker if I was out and about.


The Innokin LIFT STA is a very clever piece of hardware allowing you to use a bottom fed RDA with your favourite mod, and it cuts down on you constantly needing to re-drip. It's well made and well designed, and it does what it is intended to do very well indeed. Some atomisers these days are sold as bottom feed only, so it's nice to be able to use these without the need for a squonker.

Unfortunately, the TPD enforced 2ml capacity hamstrings the LIFT STA, as I constantly needed to refill this anyway- especially when using low resistance builds in my RDA's. I wouldn't use the LIFT STA instead of one of my squonkers due to the small capacity, and I'm sure this would be the case for many that already own a squonking mod. It is cheap to pick up however, and it does make a nice change to not have to push a squonk bottle or constantly re-drip, so there is a place for it in the market, and if you don't already own a squonker this might be worth having a look at to use with a bottom fed RDA!

Many thanks to Innokin for sending the LIFT STA in for review, the LIFT STA is widely available with many UK retailers now!

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