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Geek Vape 521 Tab

Geek Vape’s 521 Tab offering is a fully digital ohm’s meter, that also sports a fire button so you can test fire your builds on the tab and make adjustments, without needing to remove your atomiser from the tab and place it on a mod. It’s a simple design as well, that offers the basic features without anything else that will complicate the user, and there are safety features built into the tab to protect the user.

There have been a raft of 521 tab releases recently, with it’s cheap price, simple looks and user friendliness could the Geek Vape 521 Tab be the best version yet? Let’s have a look...


  • Ohms Meter
  • Firing mode to test fire your builds
  • Digital display
  • Simple design
  • Resistance measuring range: 0.01-9.9ohms
  • Lowest firing resistance rate- 0.1ohms
  • Output wattage: 31-33w
  • Burning protection: 14.5-15.5s
  • Spring loaded 510 connector
  • Takes one 18650 battery
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Breaker protection
  • Low resistance protection

What’s in the Box?

It’s a pretty basic box, inside the packaging is the Geek Vape 521 Tab along with a set of instructions, and that is it. No other spares or anything of note present as well.

Geek Vape 521 Tab Looks and Build Quality

Geek Vape have gone for a sleek and simple look, which I really like the look of, it’s larger than your average ohms reader but even with a battery inserted and an atty on top, it's still light enough to be a viable option to carry around on the move with you. The finish however is a massive fingerprint magnet though, so take heed of that!


Looking at the Geek Vape 521 tab, at the top left you have the Geek Vape logo, top right shows you the different safety codes, on the left towards the bottom you have the fire button, and opposite to this is the switch. When the switch is central the Geek Vape 521 tab is off, when it is flicked up you are in fire mode, allowing you to fire your build, flicking it down will put the Geek Vape 521 tab into Ohms reader mode to check your resistance. You will see the spring loaded 510 connector placed centrally, which is where you need to screw in your atomiser. With the 510 connector being spring loaded, it means pretty much all atomisers with a 510 connection will be compatible with the Geek Vape 521 Tab. A digital screen appears underneath the 510 connection when the Geek Vape 521 Tab is switched on, and this displays information clearly. Underneath the Geek Vape 521 tab there is a magnetic battery cover, and once you remove this there is a slot for an 18650 battery, and a battery ribbon. The battery ribbon comes in very handy for removing your battery, as there is a very snug fit!

Overall the 521 Tab by Geek Vape is a solid piece of kit, it feels really well made and it’s the best looking 521 Tab that I have come across yet.

Using the Geek Vape 521 Tab

Geek Vape have made their 521 Tab as user friendly as possible, by only offering two options- an ohms reader and the ability to fire your builds, and have also included safety features that certain other 521 tabs do not have, to ensure the end user is protected against issues such as short circuits for example. Short circuit protection, reverse battery polarity protection, low voltage protection, short circuit protection and breaker protection are all built into the Geek Vape 521 Tab, and it will not fire builds less than 0.1ohm as well. As always however, you still need to exercise great care when rebuilding, and ensure that you do your research on Ohm’s Law and battery safety. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Geek Vape 521 tab to beginner rebuilders, as well as seasoned rebuilders as well. 


Operating the 521 Tab is very simple. You simply screw in your atomiser build deck to the 510 connector placed in the centre of the tab, flick the switch to Ohm Reader, and get building. Flicking the switch to ‘fire’ means that by pressing the large fire button on the opposite side of the Geek Vape 521 tab you will be able to fire your current build, which is handy for tidying your build up and making adjustments to the coil. Your resistance will be clearly displayed on screen, plus if there are any issues an error message will be displayed too. If you see ‘F1’ this means low voltage protection has kicked in, ‘F2’ means short circuit protection, ‘F3’ means breaker protection and ‘F4’ means low resistance. There is a reminder as to what the error messages mean printed on the top right hand side of the 521 tab. Resistance seems to be very accurate with the Geek Vape 521 Tab offering, and I haven’t experienced issues with it. It has done what I have expected it to, and it has done it reliably as well.


To summarize, the Geek Vape 521 Tab is an excellent option for coil rebuilding, offering a built in ohm’s reader and the ability to test fire your builds, which is perfect for adjusting your build without needing to remove your atty from the tab and place it on a mod. You also have more built in safety features compared to other similar tabs on the market, making it a safer option and appealing to beginner rebuilders, and the price makes this a superb option. I can’t complain about the build quality at all, it’s really solid, and I believe it’s a great looking little tab as well.

I’ve tried a couple of other 521 tabs that are available, and this offering from Geek Vape has got to be my favourite so far! It does everything you need it to do, looks great and it’s available at a really competitive price as well, available in the UK with most retailers at £25 and under. Definitely one I would recommend!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.
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