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Atom Vapes Clapton Coils

We don’t typically review individual packs of coils but when Grey Haze asked if we would be interested in trying these new coils from Atom Vapes we thought they would be well worth a look. Both coil types in this range are Clapton coils but one is designed for regular wattage mode with the other catering to temperature controlled vaping. Both coil types are plated in 24ct Gold and use organic cotton wicking material.

Atom Vapes OVC coils feature 100% organic cotton wicking. 2 gauge Nickel/Kanthal wires in a vertically designed Clapton coil build, large wicking openings and 24ct Gold plated components for reliable voltage flow. OVC coils give you an experience achieved only with professionally hand built RDA coils, delivering competition level clouds, enhanced flavour and longevity.

The coils are available in different variations to cater to a wide variety of tanks. At the present moment in time there is a Kanger Subtank set and also an Aspire Atlantis set (coils fit the Aspire Triton, Aspire Atlantis 2, Atlantis Mega, Sense Herakles and Silo Beast). The final set is designed to be compatible with the Horizon Tech Arctic tank. Atom Vapes claim that these coils offer 30% longer life than other coils.

While Atom Vapes are a Chinese company these coils are actually designed in Holland and engineered in the UK.

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Coil types and compatibility

  • Ni200 Organic Vertical Clapton Coil (OVC) 1.5ohm. 35-45W.
  • Organic Vertical Clapton Coil (OVC) 0.3ohm. 25-40W.
  • Available in three different sets for a wide variety of tank compatibility.

What’s in the box?

  • 4x Ni200 Organic Vertical Clapton Coils or 4x Organic Vertical Claptons.
  • Priming leaflet.

One nice touch is that the packaging is made from 100% recyclable material. In addition the included leaflet is helpful and explains how to prime these coils correctly before use.

Build quality and ease of use

These coils are certainly very well put together and have huge wicking holes. The Gold plated finish is excellent and what I can see of the actual coil looks to be neat and well made. There is a lot of organic cotton in these coils so it is extremely important that you prime them sufficiently before use. The standard Clapton Coils have black O-rings and the Ni200 Clapton Coils have blue O-rings which is very useful should you accidentally mix them up.

How do these coils vape?

Funnily enough I never got on with the Kanger Subtank (any version) or the Arctic tank and I don’t actually own an Atlantis. Thankfully when I mentioned this to Grey Haze they did point out that the Atom Vapes Atlantis Clapton Coils were compatible with the Sense Herakles and thankfully I own two of those tanks.

The first coil I tried was the Ni200 Clapton Coil (1.5ohm) and I had absolutely no issues putting it in my Herakles tank because it was a perfect fit! I firstly primed the coil thoroughly and filled up the tank with Manabush Powwow Sauce. I left the tank for about fifteen minutes which was probably longer than most Sub Ohm tank I use but I wanted to be 100% certain that the coil was completely primed.

On this occasion I was using my iPV4s and I started vaping at 30W with the temperature set to 240°C. I have to admit that at this wattage you will not get a great deal from this coil so I quickly ramped up the power. At 35W you do start to get vapour but at this wattage there wasn’t a great deal of flavour. I found the coil to perform best at 40-45W but do be careful not to go over 45W because at that point the coil does tend to give a burnt hit. At 40-45 this coil gives absolutely lovely flavour and it really does put out a great deal of vapour. The warmth I got when vaping was just right for me and the Powwow Sauce tasted extremely good. Typically with some Sub Ohm tank coils I don’t tend to get the full range of flavour notes with this juice which is why I typically vape it in my GP Heron but I have to admit this coil did give me a seriously nice vape and while I didn’t get all of the individual notes in this juice I did get most of them.


I would go so far to say that this coil certainly gave me a more enjoyable vape than Sense’s Herakles Ni200 coils of course that isn’t to say the coils made by Sense are in any way bad it just seemed to me that the Atom Vapes Clapton offered a wider range of flavour which overall seemed better defined. In addition it certainly put out far more vapour than one of Sense’s Ni200 coils.

I moved on to try the 0.3ohm Clapton coil and Atom vapes recommend that you vape this between 25-45W. I primed the coil and filled up my other Herakles tank with Manabush Mojave Dessert. After allowing a sufficient amount of time to pass I started vaping at 25W. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much of a vape at this wattage and I was quickly proved right. It seems that anything below 35W is not going to give you a very good vape so if you were hoping to vape these coils at 25W you can forget it. Once again just like the Ni200 Clapton coil, 40-45W seems to be the sweet spot.

In terms of flavour I thought this coil was quite good but not as good as the standard Herakles Kanthal coils. It certainly chucks clouds but the flavour is nowhere near as nicely defined as the Ni200 Clapton and I found I got mainly good overall flavour but the subtlety of the individual flavour notes did not seem to come through. In no way did I think this was a bad coil but if you really care about flavour and want the best you can possibly get then this coil type is not ideal. On the plus side of things it does put out plenty of vapour and it is a Clapton coil you can use at a reasonably sensible wattage.

These coils will positively devour your juice so bear this in mind if you are on a budget.

Coil Life

​According to Atom Vapes their Clapton coils last 30% longer and apparently should last you about 3-4 weeks. I have been using the Ni200 Clapton Coil for over two weeks and the flavour is still very good but I have restricted myself to using the same juice in that tank. In theory I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t get at least three weeks of use out of them but to be realistic it all depends a lot on how often you use them and how much your particular E-Liquid gunks your coil. If you were to use El Toro Puros then you’d be lucky if you got a week out of these coils but then it is quite the coil gunker.


In my opinion if you use any of the tanks that are compatible with these coils then they are a decent buy since they offer nice flavour (superb with the Ni200 coil) and plenty of cloud production along with good lifespan. The only downside is that they do cost more than the manufacturer specific coils you might buy for those tanks and you only get four in a pack instead of the typical five. While I personally don’t really feel that the Kanthal Clapton coil is that special (good but far from outstanding) the Ni200 Clapton is definitely excellent so if you use temperature control often they would definitely be well worth trying out.

Many thanks to Grey Haze for sending these coils to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

These coils can be purchased here from Grey Haze. Please ensure the set you are buying is compatible with your tank.

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or vendor and have an item that you would like reviewed by our team please contact us here.

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