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The Kennedy RDA whichever variant you look at is designed and manufactured entirely in the United States and most of them do have fixed airflow which I personally wasn’t 100% sure that I would like and as such I was still rather undecided until I
For those of you out there who have never heard of it Baklava consists of a sweet pastry which is made up of layers of filo dough that have been filled with chopped nuts. After baking a syrup which may include honey, rosewater or orange flower water
The Hadaly is a 22mm RDA designed by Psyclone Mods. It was apparently born from a labour of love in pursuit of creating the ultimate flavour atomizer. Designed specifically for single coil builds and featuring an innovative Coil Clamping System (CCS
The Oppo is the latest RTA from well-known manufacturer Eleaf. It is 22mm in diameter, highly compact and features the popular Velocity style deck. In addition it features convenient top filling, fully adjustable airflow and has a 2ml capacity. So
Taifun is German for Typhoon and this is now the third iteration (not including the GS variants) of this RTA designed and manufactured in Germany by Smokerstore. The GT III features completely new aesthetics but still bears some resemblance to its
The Tokugawa is 24mm in diameter and has adjustable dual side airflow slots as well as adjustable bottom airflow. The deck caters to single or dual coil builds and should you wish not to use the bottom airflow the box does contain a screw which
The Fumytech Windforce is a 25mm diameter RTA which features a dual coil Velocity style deck, juice flow control and fully adjustable top and bottom airflow. In addition it has a convenient top filling design and holds 4ml of E-Liquid.
The Deepfire designed and manufactured by Smkon is a 25mm dual coil configuration RTA (Rebuildable Atomizer) that features top filling, adjustable airflow and juice flow control and holds 4.5ml of E-Liquid. In addition it features a singularly
The Rashomon is a 24mm diameter RDA that features fixed bottom airflow that is highly remiscent of the Geek Vape Tsunami RDA. This RDA can be set up for either dual or single coil builds, it has a 6.5mm deep well and quad staggered post terminals.