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Our objective was to develop a rebuildable atomizer simple enough to be handled by beginners but also professional enough to delight experts. It is easy to make a new wick & coil setup for the Erlkönigin without any previous experience and without wondering how this could possibly be done without an extra hand. Refined technical details such as the innovative wick layout and a one-piece positive pole connection facilitate the simple setup. By quickly de- and re-wicking your Erlkönigin you have more time left to enjoy vaping!

Made in Austria
The Erlkönigin is a high quality product, designed and manufactured in Austria.

The Erlkönigin was designed by up-and-coming industrial designer Eduardo Inverno.

Top quality and safety in every detail
Our medicine-grade and food-grade raw materials are manufactured with high profile machines by professional staff. This makes the Erlkönigin the Queen of Atomizers – a top-quality professional device. We are convinced that this quality level is necessary for an object filled with liquid to be vaporized and inhaled.

Easy handling
Innovative technology and accurate manufacturing result in maximum usability and easy handling. To name but one example, the Erlkönigin features a top fill hole for your liquid but it does away with the need to remove the top part of the atomizer.

We strive to be as excellent and professional as the Erlkönigin itself. We stock an adequate amount of spare parts and our customer service will attend to your questions and concerns promptly.

Serial number
Every single Erlkönigin is unique for us and for its owner. This is why they are provided with an engraved individual serial number.

Being technology freaks, we are particularly proud of the Erlkönigin's features and specifications:

6 ml tank capacity
With greater volume than her sleek exterior suggests, the Erlkönigin uses the maximum capacity of its construction and holds 6 ml of liquid.

Fill the tank: simple and straightforward
A 45-degree twist of the top is all you have to do to fill up the tank; no need to remove the top or even the drip tip. You fill in liquid through one of the two holes while the other allows the displaced air to escape. A second 45-degree twist of the top closes both holes and the tank is safely sealed. No fiddling, no liquid where there should be none, and no need for medical equipment to fill the tank – it doesn't get any simpler.

Top Fill & Bottom Coil vacuum atomizer
Defying gravity, the Erlkönigin does not flood when filled up from the top. Thanks to the finely tuned layout for the wick within the vaporizer chamber the exact amount of liquid required is delivered to the coil in the base.

Integrated Air Flow Control (AFC)
Manually adjustable Air Flow Control (AFC) is integrated into the base part of the atomizer. Airflow can be regulated gradually from none (completely closed) to maximum (completely open). If you prefer maximum airflow, you may choose not to use the Air Flow Control ring at all.

Direct positive pole connection
There is just one component between the contact screw and the clamping screw, providing a simple and perfectly fitted direct positive pole connection.

Innovative wick layout – total liquid utilization
Thanks to the optimal size and placement of the wick channels you can vape each batch of liquid until the last drop is consumed. As long as there is any liquid in the tank, the wick is saturated and the transport to the coil is continuous.

510 Drip Tip adapter
The Erlkönigin comes with its own drip tip when you order the atomizer. Should you wish to use another 510 drip tip, however,  we also offer 510 drip-tips and drip-tip adapters.

510 thread
The Erlkönigin is compatible with any battery mod with standard 510 thread. The 510-threaded connection is robustly built and does not come loose by itself. It is available separately should you require a replacement.

Non-threaded tank
The tank is not a load-bearing or supporting component of the whole atomizer construction, therefore it does not need to be threaded. This is an important asset because no added material strain occurs if the Erlkönigin slips between your fingers and falls down onto the floor. Cleaning it is also an easier task without a thread.

Bottom Coil atomizer
Our special wick channel layout uses and enhances all known advantages of a bottom coil system. Features such as full liquid utilization and cooler vapor are highly valued by many vapers.

Disc for alternative source of Air Flow Control
The Erlkönigin adapts well to different kinds of battery mods. Though equipped with an Air Flow Control itself, you may also use a battery mod with AFC by inserting a special disc to let the air flow from the mod through the thread up to the Erlkönigin.

Solution for flooding in extreme conditions
Under normal circumstances there is no flooding within the atomizer chamber. This can, however, happen, if atmospheric pressure and/or temperature undergo sudden changes (e.g. in a glacier ski area). In case this happens, the solution is simple: Open the top and blow in air through vapor chamber.

No Res-NoRes wire needed
You don’t need to upgrade your vaping competence by using Res-NoRes wire. There is no risk of short circuit because the coil is situated in close proximity to the contacts.


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