Vaping News

Luka Kinard is back in the news with his almost unbelievable vaping tales as American authorities use his claimed case as evidence of the “epidemic” dangers
21.05.2019 by Dave Cross
A New Zealand business is benefitting from the enlightened approach the country is taking to tobacco-harm reduction
20.05.2019 by Dave Cross
The Californian city of San Rafael might exempt adult-only stores from its proposed flavour ban, but there’s still a lot of stupid going on
20.05.2019 by Dave Cross
The ‘best of the rest’ coverage from the 2019 UKVIA Industry Forum in London last week
16.05.2019 by Dave Cross
The tobacco industry continues its bitter battle for dominance in the American vape/harm reduction markets
16.05.2019 by Dave Cross
Latest study demonstrates negligible risk to the general public from vaping as a hospital group spreads lies about third-hand dangers
15.05.2019 by Dave Cross
The subject of ‘freedom to vape’ generated some excellent discussion points at The UKVIA Industry Forum 2019
15.05.2019 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance continues its push to encourage NHS Trusts to reform their approach to vaping
14.05.2019 by Dave Cross
US Surgeon General Jerome Adams deliberately pours another bucket of nonsense over vaping, confusing it with drug taking
13.05.2019 by Dave Cross
Mixed messages in New Zealand look like they’re coming to an end as the government shifts to promote vaping as a safer alternative
10.05.2019 by Dave Cross