Vaping News

David Aaronovitch introduced experts to speak about the burning issues of the day. Linda Bauld, Professor of Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh, and Lion Shahab, Associate Professor in Health Psychology at the University College London,
24.09.2019 by Dave Cross
Asda’s parent company Walmart has decided to drop safer vape products but continues to sell cigarettes and guns
23.09.2019 by Dave Cross
India passes “half-baked” measures to ban e-cigarettes but allows cigarettes to remain on sale in a country where 1 million die from smoking-related disease annually
20.09.2019 by Dave Cross
Beau LaFave is demonstrating that not everybody entering politics is inept or stupid as he launches a bill to prevent the proposed vape ban in Michigan
20.09.2019 by Dave Cross
Army training centre for teenage recruits, previously embroiled in a bullying scandal, is banning cadets from vaping
19.09.2019 by Dave Cross
California is to spend $20 million on a campaign aimed at telling people not to vape
19.09.2019 by Dave Cross
The American Vaping Association responds to the “senseless” flavoured vaping ban that, it says, will cost lives and jobs
18.09.2019 by Dave Cross
New York is now the second state in the USA to have banned flavoured eliquids.
18.09.2019 by Dave Cross
Repeatedly calling vaping “dangerous”, New York governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that he will also be using an executive order to ban flavoured eliquids
17.09.2019 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance UK releases a statement on “the big vaping scare”, and says there’s “nothing to see here”
16.09.2019 by Dave Cross