Vaping News

Ban on disposable vapes contradicts UK’s successful harm reduction policy, says the World Vaper’s Alliance
21.09.2023 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance says that the government will be making “a grave mistake” should it proceed with a ban on disposable vapes
21.09.2023 by Dave Cross
Is the government set to do one of its fastest U-turns? Despite briefing behind closed doors that it planned on banning disposables; opposition seems to be shifting Sunak to backtrack
20.09.2023 by Dave Cross
Dinner Lady’s UK e-liquid manufacturing operation experienced a fire last week and has issued a statement to confirm that its business operations remain open and are continuing to supply retailers as usual
20.09.2023 by Dave Cross
Trade body the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has responded to research conducted by Material Focus that discovered number of dumped disposables has soared
15.09.2023 by Dave Cross
The UK Vaping Industry Association is the first vape industry organisation to respond to the strong rumours that the UK Government is set to ban disposable vapes in England
14.09.2023 by Dave Cross
The Local Government Association celebrated the announcement that the Government looks set to ban disposable vapes from its lofty perch in fantasy land
13.09.2023 by Dave Cross
A number of individuals and organisations have made comment following the news that the UK Government is considering banning the sales of disposable vapes in England
13.09.2023 by Dave Cross
Multiple outlets are reporting that the Government is set to complete the shift predicted by Planet of the Vapes and ban disposable vapes from the market
12.09.2023 by Dave Cross
A roundup of some current vape and tobacco harm reduction related news stories
11.09.2023 by Dave Cross