Vaping News

A quarantine site in the United States draws complaints after providing patients with cigarettes and alcohol while an NHS hospital was rebuked for allowing patients to smoke on ward
04.05.2020 by Dave Cross
Following the vaping evidence update from Public Health England, UKVIA has called for an end to people spreading misinformation
04.05.2020 by Dave Cross
UCSF’s Gideon St.Helen tries to justify the reasons why he signed Stanton Glantz’ “Ban open system vapes” letter to the Food & Drug Administration
01.05.2020 by Dave Cross
Stanton Glantz has performed a complete 180 on vaping by demanding that open systems should be banned and only pod systems allowed for sale
01.05.2020 by Dave Cross
The Royal Australasian College of Physicians has marked a major shift in policy as it offered up tentative support for vaping for the first time
30.04.2020 by Dave Cross
Professor Linda Bauld spoke to BBC Radio about the link between nicotine and COVID-19, and what this means for smokers
29.04.2020 by Dave Cross
Discussions have been raging on the subject of nicotine and whether it can offer a solution to COVID-19 related symptoms
28.04.2020 by Dave Cross
Paid for anti-vape campaigners and pharma-funded organisations are having a predictable meltdown at the prospect that nicotine might help with COVID symptoms
27.04.2020 by Dave Cross
Denmark is pushing forward with a policy that attacks tobacco harm reduction products despite having achieved notable success with them
27.04.2020 by Dave Cross
Two studies from the Penn State College of Medicine and the American Cancer Society in Atlanta demonstrate that flavour bans simply don’t work and increase personal risk
24.04.2020 by Dave Cross