Vaping News

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong has announced that he is “investigating” JUUL Labs, and has appeared on television to spout nonsense
06.08.2019 by Dave Cross
Dr Joel Ingersoll goes myth busting about vaping in a video hosted on his Linkedin social media site
06.08.2019 by Dave Cross
Wisconsin’s Department of Health is whipping up fears over vaping based and ignores the probable cause over hospital admissions
05.08.2019 by Dave Cross
ASH’s Deborah Arnott has spoken about being “underwhelmed” by the first electronic cigarette launched in the UK, but the organisation reaffirms its belief that vaping now offers a route out of smoking
01.08.2019 by Dave Cross
A blinkered, agenda-driven World Health Organisation report, funded by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, ignores public opinion and scientific evidence.
31.07.2019 by Dave Cross
Despite being legalised and supposedly supported by the government, vaping is still on the receiving end of opposition and negative press
30.07.2019 by Dave Cross
The Cochrane Library has published a paper where researchers say paying smokers can help them quit smoking and remain tobacco-free
30.07.2019 by Dave Cross
A study conducted by vape company VPZ has found that 96% of smokers who wanted to quit or cut back on smoking have achieved their goal by vaping.
29.07.2019 by Dave Cross
Imperial Brands backs a push to change Europe’s definition of what vaping is, supported by a number of European vape organisations and businesses.
29.07.2019 by Dave Cross
Facebook unveiled a new policy on Wednesday to restrict sales and limit content related to alcohol, tobacco products, and vape paraphernalia.
27.07.2019 by Dave Cross