Vaping News

Nielsen’s Ecig Market Review

Nielsen’s annual appraisal of market trends reveals a bleaker look than expected.

BAT To Face An Enquiry

Calls are being made for British American Tobacco to face an enquiry

Hollywood Vapers Facing Bans

Celebrity vapers fall into the sights of the anti-ecig lobby.

Tobacco Product Directive News

Tobacco Product Directive News: The latest news with regards the implementation of Article 20

The Ecig Kids in America

The Ecig Kids in America: Dodgy study results twisted to fit an anti-ecig agenda

Does Vaping Attack the Immune System?

The University of California – San Diego believes ecigs cause the immune system to be supressed.

Hearing Loss Caused By Ecigs?

Hearing Loss Caused By Ecigs? The Sacramento Bee bangs its anti-ecig drum again.

Ecig Ads on Twitter

Researchers examine ecig social media advertising.

Ecig Stops Eurostar

Train bought to a halt in France due to a vape-related fire alert.

Vuse File For Lawsuit Dismissal

Big T e-cig company fight back against a case brought against them in California