Vaping News

In the lead up to No Smoking Day the British Heart Foundation release the results of a study – could the electronic alternative to smoking be the solution?
11.03.2015 by Dave Cross
Often used as a stick to beat them with, could members of Parliament’s self-interests be our best chance to carry on vaping?
11.03.2015 by Dave Cross
In looking to how a post-Article 20 world may look, nothing gives us a clearer insight than the debate over legislation in Denmark.
09.03.2015 by Dave Cross
Vaping did not cause the death of an American teenager – the article was a work of fiction. Vapers do not take kindly to lies in the media, social or otherwise.
05.03.2015 by Dave Cross
Italy pushed ahead with punitive taxes on e-liquid last month; accusations of greed and ignorance continue to surround the move.
04.03.2015 by Dave Cross
The Guardian broadsheet may not be known for its spelling but it is making a reasonable fist at covering the electronic cigarette debate more fairly than some of its rivals.
04.03.2015 by Dave Cross
In a bizarre move, a couple have been banned from adopting children due to ecig use. We look at the part played by BAAF.
03.03.2015 by Dave Cross
All too frequently public health officials give out advice on what to avoid – maybe it is time for those pronouncements to come with warnings of their own.
03.03.2015 by Dave Cross
While NHS authorities draw up policies on electronic cigarettes they appear to have forgotten all about The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training.
26.02.2015 by Dave Cross
In an entirely unpredictable turn of events, the European Commission mentions taxing vaping. Who would have seen that coming?
24.02.2015 by Dave Cross