Vaping News

Sound advice about charging e-cigs from Kent Trading Standards, the Kent Fire and Rescue Service and the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service.
27.01.2015 by Dave Cross
Public health officials campaigning against electronic cigarettes have returned to ironically slighting vaping advocates with the epithet of ‘trolling’ once more.
21.01.2015 by Dave Cross
Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line trots out possibly the most objectionable piece collection of half-truths and lies to date, attempting to scare smokers away from vaping
20.01.2015 by Dave Cross
The advice about vaping while travelling by air is pretty clear cut...or is it?
19.01.2015 by Dave Cross
Anti-vaping advocates repeat the ‘potential’ dangers of electronic cigarettes, but how does this contrast with their support of quit-smoking drugs linked to so many admissions to hospitals?
19.01.2015 by Dave Cross
A strident and powerful article on Forbes illustrates what is happening in San Francisco
15.01.2015 by Dave Cross
Vapers and the manufacturing/vending community welcome sound scientific research. The study announced by National Jewish Health is unlikely to be considered worthy of adding to the canon.
13.01.2015 by Dave Cross
More spurious scaremongering from the anti-vaping lobby regarding the dangers posed by electronic cigarettes.
08.01.2015 by Dave Cross
It’s been an interesting year in the electronic cigarette market with the launch of new and improved technology, the rise of the box mod, relaxed advertising rules and, as a result, now soaring UK sales figures.
08.01.2015 by Toby Kilroy
For smokers who fail to make a successful switch to ecigs, the reason is nicotine delivery. Big T are looking at trying to increase the hit from their devices.
07.01.2015 by Dave Cross