Vaping News

Latest vaping news from a world in turbulent times.
16.11.2016 by Dave Cross
General Tom Miller supports fact, data and the harm reduction potential of vaping.
15.11.2016 by Dave Cross
Children using flavoured ecigs more likely to smoke, claim researchers.
15.11.2016 by Dave Cross
Delegates from 180 nations met to discuss the WHO’s approach to tobacco and ecigs. Controversy has gone hand in hand with the event, from boycotts to bans.
14.11.2016 by Dave Cross
An ecig grounds a flight in Alaska and India extends its ban on ecigs on planes.
11.11.2016 by Dave Cross
Skewed interpretation of data leads the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention to make ridiculous claims about vaping.
10.11.2016 by Dave Cross
After months of speculation, the it’s finally announced that the FBI are investigating the creation of Indiana's eliquid monopoly.
09.11.2016 by Dave Cross
Depending on who you are, vaping can offer multiple benefits – or threats.
08.11.2016 by Dave Cross
The movie about vaping is here – where can you see it or arrange a screening.
08.11.2016 by Dave Cross
UCTAS academics are highly critical of the World Health Organisation report on ecigs.
07.11.2016 by Dave Cross