Vaping News

Canadian research confirms efficacy of vaping as a means to smoking cessation.
02.12.2015 by Dave Cross
The great and good of tobacco met in Bologna to discuss vaping, among other things. Clive Bates attended.
01.12.2015 by Dave Cross
Vaping Derailed: Ecigs are run off the rails but still arrive on time in Carmarthen.
30.11.2015 by Dave Cross
The third E-Cigarette Summit has taken place in London
28.11.2015 by Dave Cross
Californian teen tobacco sales drop but Karen Smith isn’t happy.
26.11.2015 by Dave Cross
A collection of some important slides from the E-Cigarette Summit.
26.11.2015 by Dave Cross
Mark Drakeford adds to the list of stupid things he’d like to see happen.
25.11.2015 by Dave Cross
Professor Brad Rodu speaks out on the matter of eliquid flavourings.
23.11.2015 by Dave Cross
Research from China claims over a third of adolescents suffer from vape-related breathing problems
20.11.2015 by Dave Cross
You don’t need to go far online to find conflicting opinions about vaping.
19.11.2015 by Dave Cross