Vaping News

It’s not often these two groups agree on things, when they do you know something is going wrong.
18.02.2015 by Dave Cross
Have hysterical and baseless articles had their day? Vaping bears its teeth.
16.02.2015 by Dave Cross
More high jinks in the halls of academe have produced a true sourpuss piece of research.
11.02.2015 by Dave Cross
Experts and interested parties attack the poor science, outright lies and vested interests of those opposed to vaping.
06.02.2015 by Dave Cross
The tobacco companies are coming – and they are bringing their high paid lawyers with them.
05.02.2015 by Dave Cross
Scientists continue to argue from polar ends of the vaping debate with, as some claim, science and public health losing out.
04.02.2015 by Dave Cross
To what extent can social media influence choices regarding electronic cigarettes? Two scientists plan on finding out.
02.02.2015 by Dave Cross
Latest research shows that traditional NRT products are failing to enthuse smokers attempting to quit.
28.01.2015 by Dave Cross
Sound advice about charging e-cigs from Kent Trading Standards, the Kent Fire and Rescue Service and the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service.
27.01.2015 by Dave Cross
Public health officials campaigning against electronic cigarettes have returned to ironically slighting vaping advocates with the epithet of ‘trolling’ once more.
21.01.2015 by Dave Cross