Vaping News

WHO’s Dr Chan demands the tobacco industry to be driven out of business, the media rallies to the cause
31.03.2015 by Dave Cross
Clive Bates offers some insights and tobacco companies manoeuvre midst the clamour to end smoking forever.
30.03.2015 by Dave Cross
The Department of Public Health in California has launched its “Still Blowing Smoke” attack campaign on ecigs, all corners of the West Coast vaping community responded in kind. Is the answer just blowing in the wind?
30.03.2015 by Dave Cross
The FDA is consulting, the markets are waiting and the National Post is angry.
26.03.2015 by Dave Cross
An anti-smoking former Big T employee announces his opinions but has no evidence to offer to support them.
19.03.2015 by Dave Cross
Euro politicians declare war on Big Tobacco – vapers set to become the collateral damage
17.03.2015 by Dave Cross
The United States and Canada media get into a tizzy over teenage use of electronic cigarettes
16.03.2015 by Dave Cross
In the lead up to No Smoking Day the British Heart Foundation release the results of a study – could the electronic alternative to smoking be the solution?
11.03.2015 by Dave Cross
Often used as a stick to beat them with, could members of Parliament’s self-interests be our best chance to carry on vaping?
11.03.2015 by Dave Cross
In looking to how a post-Article 20 world may look, nothing gives us a clearer insight than the debate over legislation in Denmark.
09.03.2015 by Dave Cross