Vaping News

Nottinghamshire Council has banned vaping by employees during work hours.
27.04.2016 by Dave Cross
Sports Dietician Epitomises Ecig ignorance: Nanci Guest demonstrates scientific illiteracy in Twitter spat
25.04.2016 by Dave Cross
U.S. Food & Drug Administration to release details of potential ecig ruling
25.04.2016 by Dave Cross
Vape Collective: The second vape event of the year is almost upon us
22.04.2016 by Dave Cross
American Vapers Favour Democrats: Most support Hillary according to a survey run by a vaping company.
21.04.2016 by Dave Cross
A study has been released that contradicts findings by Farsalinos and Polosa.
20.04.2016 by Dave Cross
Can smoking cause blindness? Is this another good reason to switch to electronic cigarettes?
19.04.2016 by Dave Cross
Labour MP Slams Anti-Ecig Whingers: Gloria Del Piero MP writes a pro-ecig column for The Sun #vaping #ecigs #vape
18.04.2016 by Dave Cross
Can we look at current events and envision a future for vapers?
15.04.2016 by Dave Cross
Most Vapers are Ex-Smokers: A survey supports Professor West’s findings that the majority of vapers are ex-smokers
13.04.2016 by Dave Cross