Vaping News

Leicester continues to be at the vanguard of ecig promotion, except at the football club.
12.05.2016 by Dave Cross
Celeb Trying To Quit Smoking: Doctor Christian and Ecigs on Daytime TV
11.05.2016 by Dave Cross
Can vaping damage your nose?
10.05.2016 by Dave Cross
Vapers in the USA and Canada continue the struggle.
09.05.2016 by Dave Cross
European Court makes final ruling on the TPD as the FDA announce regulation plans.
05.05.2016 by Dave Cross
The U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention produces a report on vaping in teens
04.05.2016 by Dave Cross
Worries about the children fuels an attack on a new vaping “celebrity”.
29.04.2016 by Dave Cross
The Royal College of Physicians has thrown its full weight behind electronic cigarettes
28.04.2016 by Dave Cross
Some financial experts are predicting the end of vaping.
28.04.2016 by Dave Cross
A new article in New England Journal of Medicine asks if England will reframe the debate.
27.04.2016 by Dave Cross