Vaping News

Anti-tobacco advocate speaks out in favour of electronic cigarettes.
31.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Vaping is a safe as drinking coffee, they say. So what happens when they attack coffee?
30.07.2015 by Dave Cross
As the vaping market grows so too does the number of inexperienced or inept people attempting to profit from it.
30.07.2015 by Dave Cross
The vested interests blocking the NHS supporting electronic cigarettes become clearer.
28.07.2015 by Dave Cross
The Mail proves it will print anything as part of its continual effort to drive advertising click-through sales.
28.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Vaping works for people wanting to switch from smoking to a safer alternative and opens the door to an easier method of quitting the use of nicotine.
27.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Leicester is again leading the way in how the NHS should approach vaping
23.07.2015 by Dave Cross
The Mirror has carried many anti-vaping stories; the latest one is anything but.
22.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Some vape battles have ended in victory, their impact on the on-going war remains uncertain.
17.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Peter Hajek speaks out in favour of ecigs for sufferers of mental health issues.
16.07.2015 by Dave Cross