Vaping News

The University is looking at parent and guardian attitudes towards children vaping.
04.04.2016 by Dave Cross
West Des Moines fight with ecigs and ban them from all parks.
01.04.2016 by Dave Cross
A second study has been released attacking age restrictions on ecigs.
01.04.2016 by Dave Cross
The American Tax Foundation releases a comprehensive report on the taxing of vaping in the States.
31.03.2016 by Dave Cross
Regulated chip company Evolv are taking Joyetech to court.
30.03.2016 by Dave Cross
Vaping products are one of the twelve top consumer trendsetters.
29.03.2016 by Dave Cross
How long until more wide-ranging bans are put in place?
28.03.2016 by Dave Cross
Evidence-based advice is being ignored or twisted to suit.
25.03.2016 by Dave Cross
The Court of Appeal has ruled that the smoking ban does not apply to prisons.
24.03.2016 by Dave Cross
Despicable pronouncement by an American doctor draws condemnation.
22.03.2016 by Dave Cross