Vaping News

News reporting of venting ecig batteries continues unabated
25.02.2016 by Dave Cross
The important message of battery safety still isn’t being heard by new vapers, what can we do?
25.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Arguments Against Taxing Vaping: Calls to not impose punitive taxes on vaping ring true
24.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Another petition about vaping, this time aimed at Facebook
23.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Ill-informed and greedy legislators lay into vaping
22.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Some are hailing the news that Belgium and Sweden are legalising vaping as positive
22.02.2016 by Dave Cross
A study looks at how we use the Net to locate products and seek out vaping information
19.02.2016 by Dave Cross
It’s just one person’s truth against another’s as the media still hunts out fear rather than fact
17.02.2016 by Dave Cross
America’s leading hospital pioneers the use of ecigs as a harm reduction tool
16.02.2016 by Dave Cross
While the media focuses on mixed coverage, advice going out to nurses is refreshingly balanced
15.02.2016 by Dave Cross