Vaping News

The first scare stories of 2016 about ecig fires have landed!
27.01.2016 by Dave Cross
A British study looking at youth reaction to ecig adverts causes consternation.
26.01.2016 by Dave Cross
David Sweanor mikes up and rounds on the anti-ecig lobby once more.
22.01.2016 by Dave Cross
Researcher attempts to backtrack following widespread condemnation of her vaping study conclusions and comments
21.01.2016 by Dave Cross
The government publishes its findings to the TPD consultation period
18.01.2016 by Dave Cross
New vaping study released that uses real-world atomisers
15.01.2016 by Dave Cross
Overhyped danger was the talk of Christmas.
14.01.2016 by Dave Cross
Californian study is slammed as being irresponsible and dangerous.
13.01.2016 by Dave Cross
Consternation over ecigs on the NHS proposals
12.01.2016 by Dave Cross
It’s as good as set in stone, so what does the TPD mean to UK vapers?
11.01.2016 by Dave Cross