Vaping News

San Francisco succeeds in becoming the first place to re-enter the Dark Ages as they ban all vape flavours bar tobacco.
10.07.2017 by Dave Cross
Smoking ban ‘cuts violence in British mental hospitals’ claim.
07.07.2017 by Dave Cross
Research team worries about vape advertising being seen in Europe
07.07.2017 by Dave Cross
Simon Chapman has been attacked for his recent “noisy” and “error-laden” contribution.
06.07.2017 by Dave Cross
Vype manufacturer found guilty of breaching the advertising codes three times as complaints upheld.
06.07.2017 by Dave Cross
A collection of some of the smaller news stories doing the rounds.
06.07.2017 by Dave Cross
University of California researcher claim vaping encourages and supports smoking in the young.
05.07.2017 by Dave Cross
The American Lung Association continues to tell brazen lies about electronic cigarettes.
03.07.2017 by Dave Cross
Global vape news this week.
02.07.2017 by Dave Cross
University of Connecticut researcher develops new testing method but fails to understand vaping.
29.06.2017 by Dave Cross