Vaping News

While the media focuses on mixed coverage, advice going out to nurses is refreshingly balanced
15.02.2016 by Dave Cross
We look at Big T in the UK vape marketplace.
13.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Americans misusing vape equipment are looking to blame others.
13.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Nielsen’s annual appraisal of market trends reveals a bleaker look than expected.
12.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Calls are being made for British American Tobacco to face an enquiry
12.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Celebrity vapers fall into the sights of the anti-ecig lobby.
10.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Tobacco Product Directive News: The latest news with regards the implementation of Article 20
05.02.2016 by Dave Cross
The Ecig Kids in America: Dodgy study results twisted to fit an anti-ecig agenda
05.02.2016 by Dave Cross
The University of California – San Diego believes ecigs cause the immune system to be supressed.
04.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Hearing Loss Caused By Ecigs? The Sacramento Bee bangs its anti-ecig drum again.
03.02.2016 by Dave Cross