Vaping News

Lord Callanan’s challenge to the Tobacco Products Directive is over.
09.06.2016 by Dave Cross
Bill 44 has finally been brought into effect by the Canadian province.
09.06.2016 by Dave Cross
Academics at the University of Buffalo call for a rethink in the way America is dealing with electronic cigarettes.
08.06.2016 by Dave Cross
Insurance companies welcome the FDA’s tough stance on ecigs but Dr. Siegel isn’t convinced
07.06.2016 by Dave Cross
As vaping has grown in popularity with users everybody else has developed an opinion about the practise.
03.06.2016 by Dave Cross
Election result leaves Labour unable to re-table their ban plan.
01.06.2016 by Dave Cross
The implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive was met with outrage.
31.05.2016 by Dave Cross
Evidence of Ecig Efficacy
26.05.2016 by Dave Cross
A balanced documentary adds weight an ecigs-based harm reduction approach
25.05.2016 by Dave Cross
Salacious stories of ecigs exploding mean good business for lawyers and newspapers, but encourage the public to lie.
24.05.2016 by Dave Cross