Vaping News

A man accused of drink driving claimed his vape put him over the limit.
13.09.2016 by Dave Cross
While some may worry that vaping is a gateway to smoking, latest research provides a surprising insight.
11.09.2016 by Dave Cross
Vaping saves lives think a Nobel Prize winner, an American think tank and the respondents to Stealthvape’s efficacy survey.
11.09.2016 by Dave Cross
An article claims that a microbiologist has warned about a risk of bacteria in atomisers. Is this a genuine fear?
09.09.2016 by Dave Cross
Are electronic cigarettes dangerous? It’s probably best not to look at the Cheat Sheet website for a sensible answer.
07.09.2016 by Dave Cross
Despite constituting part of just two questions, vaping takes the lead in the headline delivering the results.
07.09.2016 by Dave Cross
Latest electronic cigarette news of note from around the globe.
06.09.2016 by Dave Cross
A study published in the Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy finds smokers contract fewer respiratory infections if they switch to vaping.
05.09.2016 by Dave Cross
The FDA has refused to clarify the position of zero nic liquids, a court case beckons.
02.09.2016 by Dave Cross
National redtop tabloid leads with a story about vaping affecting the heart.
02.09.2016 by Dave Cross