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Flavours Play Pivotal Role

“Flavoured devices play a pivotal role in helping adult smokers stop using cigarettes”, says vape industry experts RELX International following rumours of a ban on certain flavours

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“Flavoured devices play a pivotal role in helping adult smokers stop using cigarettes”, says vape industry experts RELX International following rumours of a ban on certain flavours. The comments come following the government announcement to promote its ‘swap to shop’ initiative, with the vape brand pledging to support its further drive to tackle underage sales.

RELX says that flavoured vapes play a pivotal role in helping adult smokers stop using cigarettes – reducing the negative health effects of inhaling combustible tobacco.

The insight from leading vape company RELX International comes after the UK government announced a million smokers will be offered a free vaping starter pack in a ‘swap to stop’ scheme. Current NHS guidance states e-cigarettes, which enable adult users to inhale vapour rather than smoke, can effectively assist adult smokers seeking to quit cigarettes, which are considerably more harmful than next-generation alternatives.

Chris Aikens, RELX International’s External Affairs Manager Europe, has welcomed the ‘swap to stop scheme’ and supported a further drive to tackle the sale of banned vapes and underage sales.

The government’s new £3m ‘illicit vapes enforcement squad’, tasked with cracking down on the illegal sale of e-cigarettes to under-18s, will be led by Trading Standards.

In addition to backing the initiatives, RELX International has highlighted the important role flavoured vapes play in helping adult smokers to quit smoking.

Aikens has warned that a ban on certain flavours would only serve to discourage adult users from making the switch.

He said: “We support moves to prevent and discourage the use of e-cigarettes by minors and urge manufacturers and retailers to abide by the current laws in place, making it illegal to sell vapes to under-18s.

As the NHS and UK government have outlined, all the evidence suggests that vaping is an effective tool that can directly and responsibly help adult smokers switch from cigarettes to vaping.

Therefore, a ban on certain flavoured products would only serve to discourage adult smokers from making the switch to a next-generation device, which have been proved both less harmful than smoking and an effective alternative for those looking for an alternative.”

Aikens says it’s vital for adult smokers seeking to make the switch to receive relevant support and guidance, including information about the reduced risks of vaping. As part of this, according to Aikens, it’s important to inform adult smokers about how flavoured vapes can help facilitate the switch from combustible tobacco.

This follows a recent independent King’s College London report commissioned by the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities that found vaping to be considerably less harmful than smoking. The report added that adult users who switch from cigarettes to alternative next-gen products would experience a “substantial reduction” in their exposure to toxic substances.

RELX International, a leader on corporate responsibility within the vaping industry, maintains an industry-leading initiative to prevent the use of vape products by minors. The company’s Guardian Program stretches from product development to sales; preventing and discouraging the misuse of vape products by minors through a series of tangible measures. These include concerted efforts with retailers to step up on-site identification and working closely with stakeholders and business partners to ensure strict compliance throughout the value chain.

Furthermore, RELX ensures its products are not designed, marketed, or sold to underaged users by refusing to use marketing strategies, such as cartoons or terminology, that might appeal to the youth demographic.

Aikens said: “Preventing the misuse of vaping products is a challenge that manufacturers and retailers must face head-on. Compliance is the minimum standard; however, we believe going above and beyond, especially when it comes to youth prevention, is the way forward.

For retailers, this means putting appropriate measures in place to mitigate the problems we face, such as implementing stricter measures to abide by the law and prevent the sale of vape products to this consumer group.”


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