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Vapeclub Addresses Disposables Issues – 1

Vapeclub, one of the UK’s leading online vape retailers, has taken steps to address the current focus on disposable ecigs and related issues

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Vapeclub, one of the UK’s leading online vape retailers, has taken steps to address the current focus on disposable ecigs and related issues. Planet of the Vapes is covering Vapeclub’s important contribution to the debate in a series of three articles this week. This first piece looks at the evidence and waste issues.

Vapeclub says: “With the upcoming reading of Dr Caroline Johnson’s bill regarding disposable vapes due on March 24th, it is important that we look at both the benefits of disposable vapes and how we can effectively tackle the rising problems without restricting access to the single most effective quitting aid available to adult smokers.”

Vapeclub says there are two facts that need to be addressed:

  1. ASH data showing an increase in teen use
  2. Environmental waste caused by disposable e-cigarettes

In July 2022, ASH released their updated report: ‘Use of E-Cigarettes (Vapes) Among Young People In Great Britain’. This has shown us that the proportion of 11-17 years olds who regularly vape has risen from 3.3% in 2021 to 7% in 2022. Although the report also states that “use among 11-17 year olds who had never smoked remains low and largely experimental”, it is still a worrying increase that should be addressed,” comments the vape product supplier.

Moving on to the second issue: “Unfortunately, the single-use nature of the products is creating additional waste. This of course should always be weighed up against the scourge of cigarette butts and empty cigarette packets left in the street, which has been a significant problem for decades.

“However, we cannot ignore that these electronic devices do also contain a small lithium-ion battery and often a high proportion of plastic. The public is largely unaware of how to correctly dispose of them, and it is causing problems with fires at landfill sites and recycling centres. They are also being littered in a similar way to cigarette butts.”

Vapeclub believes that it is vital people bear in mind what vaping has delivered to the UK when contemplating possible solutions to these two issues. These things are “often ignored benefits”, it says.

  1. Vapes have helped hundreds of thousands of adult smokers quit.
    ASH data in August 2022 states: “15.2% of current vapers reporting using disposable vaping products in 2022” and that there were 4.3 million adult vapers at the time. 15.2% of 4.3 million is 653,600 vapers, using these products as of August 2022, and 6 months later it could easily be over a million now.
  2. Disposables are an easy introduction to vaping.
    A study published in 2017 that looked into why more smokers were not switching to e-cigarettes found that many of the participants cited that the products were too complicated, and they found it hard to understand things like coil changing, what e-liquid to use, and so on.
    Disposable vapes solve this problem very easily. There is no learning curve and they ensure the smoker is able to concentrate on the switching journey, which can be hard enough without running into technology-related barriers.
  3. Disposables are a very low-cost introduction to vaping.
    The recent Khan Review: ‘Making Smoking Obsolete’ talks extensively about the government’s ‘Levelling Up’ white paper, and how smoking prevalence is disproportionately high in many of the poorest regions of the UK. For a smoker looking to try vaping and make the first steps towards switching to a far less harmful product, disposable vapes offer a very low-cost introduction to vaping. The cost of a refillable vape kit, with eliquid and some spare consumables (like coils or pods), could easily cost £25+, whereas a disposable vape can cost £5 or less.
  4. Disposables are perfect for smokers who have dexterity problems.
    Although a smaller group, it is extremely important that smokers who suffer from ailments like arthritis, ataxia, tremors, or Parkinson's disease also have access to harm reduction from tobacco. Where these consumers may find refilling e-liquid, changing coils, or changing pods difficult, disposable vapes eliminate these issues.

Vapeclub concludes: “If we are serious about a Smokefree 2030, then these products could play a major role in achieving that goal - and we can still combat the two big negatives listed above.”


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