ONS: Smoking in 2021

Posted 12th December 2022 by Dave Cross
The Office for National Statistics has released its data from the last census, and it shows that vaping has powered “a statistically significant drop” in UK smoking rates. The headline figure is that last year’s record low of 14% has fallen further to 13.3% in 2021. Action on Smoking and Health say that this shows progress, but it believes the Government cannot be complacent.

The new figures show that smoking rates fell to 13.3% across the UK in 2021 and to 13.0% in England. This is down from 14.0% across the UK in 2020 and 13.8% in England. ONS estimates there are currently 6.6 million smokers in the UK.

However,” says anti-smoking charity Action on Smoking and Health, “the analysis, reported in the Government’s independent review of tobacco policy, has shown that without speeding progress the Government will miss their ambition for England to be ‘smokefree’ by 2030 defined as fewer than 5% of the population smoking.

“There are also concerns that progress may have slowed in 2022 with University College London’s long running study of smoker’s behaviour finding no declines in rates of smoking through this year with data running until October 2022.”

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Hazel Cheeseman, Deputy Chief Executive of Action on Smoking and Health said: “Smoking is still the biggest cause of preventable illness and death so the progress shown today is great news. But Government must not be complacent. They first promised to publish a new Tobacco Control Plan for England in 2021 but we still have seen no plan for how they will meet that goal. Without one we will not meet the vision of being smokefree by 2030.

Professor Jamie Brown, Director, Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group, University College London, added: “Today’s figures are good news but our own research indicates that the long-term decline in smoking may be stalling. Our success in bringing rates down to some of the lowest levels in Europe was our consistent innovation in policies to tackle smoking. A new and bold approach is urgently required to get us back on track and meet the Government’s ambition to be smokefree.

Action on Smoking and Health, along with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Smoking and Health, and many other leading charities, have backed recommendations made in the Independent Khan Review, including for a levy on tobacco companies to pay for the services needed to help people to quit and prevent uptake among young people. The organisations have also called for a consultation on raising the age of sale from 18 to 21.


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