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FEELM Wins Another Innovation Award

FEELM wins innovation award and commendation for sustainability awards at the UKVIA Forum

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FEELM, the flagship atomisation technology platform belonging to Smoore, the world’s largest vape manufacturer, has won Best Innovation in the Vaping Industry, as well as a commendation in the Sustainability category, at the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA)’s annual forum.

The UKVIA is one of the world's most influential trade associations for the vaping sector, and one of the most accredited industrial associations in Europe. This year’s forum was the first time the UKVIA had hosted an award ceremony since it was established in 2016. The innovation award was voted on by UKVIA members during the Association’s conference on Friday, with the commendation for sustainability award being given after a panel of expert industry judges considered and scored applications.

The Best Innovation in the Vaping Industry recognized the significant contribution FEELM has made to vaping innovation, particularly its world-first ceramic coil disposable pod solution, FEELM Max.

FEELM Max has delivered a number of breakthrough innovations, allowing consumers to enjoy more puffs with better flavour, a smoother taste, and improved consistency. Despite heating the same e-liquid volume as other conventional devices, puff numbers are increased by more than 25% because, unlike cotton coil devices, FEELM Max’s ceramic coil does not soak the e-liquid up. FEELM Max also achieves a flavour consistency of over 95% as well as a smoother vapour – and there is no dry burning – thanks to Constant Output Control and our Patented Flavour-Lock Technologies. Not only is FEELM Max enhancing the vaping experience, but it is also outperforming other disposables on harm reduction by almost 50%.

To ensure that FEELM continues to be at the forefront of innovation, the company has established China’s first PMTA-standard testing lab to ensure our clients can more easily address the regulatory environment faced by the industry. This not only demonstrates FEELM’s determination to drive innovation with technology, but also continues to provide consumers with better quality products.

FEELM were awarded a special commendation in the Sustainable Vaping category in recognition of the company excelling in three key areas: creating sustainable advanced technologies and products; using responsible marketing; and embracing a greener future.

FEELM was credited with building the world's first environmentally friendly disposable vaping device in 2019. In 2022, the world's first ceramic coil disposable pod, FEELM Max, was created and the FEELM GREEN series was launched based on the same technological innovations.

FEELM GREEN is the company’s latest product, offering a solution to the growing concern amongst vapers about the environmental sustainability of devices. Through its "product is packaging" initiative, which has been presented at major European vaping exhibitions, FEELM is radically reducing the amount of packaging and packaging waste in this series. In addition, FEELM has also developed an environmentally friendly zero-nicotine vaping device this year.

It was recognised that FEELM’s brand website and social media platforms go to great lengths to restrict minors from accessing any information about vaping products. It was also acknowledged that FEELM conducts regular data-driven satisfaction surveys on behalf of clients to improve the customer experience.

The commendation in the sustainability category is also a recognition of FEELM’s reduction in carbon emissions of over 500 tons in the last six months, and its aim to lower greenhouse gas emissions and achieve Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon neutrality by 2050. As part of this work, FEELM has announced its participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and is working to achieve its carbon goals by driving automation at its factory sites – including at its fully-automated site – improving energy efficiency, and increasing the use of renewable energy sources to 30% by 2030.

FEELM has also partnered with a third-party cleaning company to collect non-hazardous waste for recycling, which in 2020 helped its clients reduce single-use plastic by 100 tons, equivalent to 4 million plastic bottles, while in 2021 it reduced its water consumption by nearly 10% compared to the previous year.

Echo Liu, FEELM Europe Division Director said: “We are delighted to have won the innovation award and been commended in the sustainability category, and we are honoured by the recognition the UKVIA has given us.

“A number of leading vaping brands are driven by FEELM, and our vaping devices loaded with our atomizer technology are now being exported to over 50 countries and regions.

“FEELM can only realize its corporate vision – “atomisation makes life better” – by being sustainable and creating value for society. Every day we move a step closer to this goal by creating sustainable advanced technologies and products, using responsible marketing, and embracing a greener future.”

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